The real voting right, the key right of all Americans to be free and safe

Written by : Peacelv, WJMG

The America was founded on the concept that we all inherit unalienable rights from our God – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These rights are being trampled on today.  There is only one way to restore these rights and bring this country together after the 2020 election.  Impeachment is not the answer. But democrats try not only one time to impeach Donald Trump, that’s really a waste of public resources.

Today a majority of Americans believe that their right to a free and fair election has been taken from them.  

President Trump received millions of more ballots than any candidates before him, he crushed Obama’s record of 69 million in 2008, with over 74 million votes this year.   There is ample evidence this was the greatest election win in history.  But on the election night, the ballots counting stopped, which never happened before, and suddenly early in the next morning, the key swing states all received dumps of Biden votes only.  From that point forward President Trump never took the lead.  These votes were never forensically reviewed.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer as a expert announced that identified over 300,000 ballots in Pennsylvania alone yesterday, that were not processed by the USPS which must be explained where the problems were.

Today the 75 million who voted for President Trump even more people concern they’ll address election fraud sometime in the future, If people don’t confront the issue of election fraud and use it as a cautionary tale.

The right to vote is sacred to the voters, and election is sacred to the country. Only when every legal vote is counted and every fraudulent vote is not counted, will this country be for the people, and the people of this country will be free and safe. It is on the basis of this simple idea that patriots are acting incessantly.


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