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On January 8, Twitter announced that it had permanently banned President Trump’s personal account because it posed “a risk of further incitement to violence.

After the news came out, the world was in an uproar. U.S. high-tech companies, in conjunction with social media and mainstream media, have blocked and suppressed freedom of speech to a record level – even as the President of the United States, he was not immune.

Subsequently, Youtube and Facebook have also deleted Trump’s videos, and many Trump supporters’ accounts, including “Bannon’s War Room,” have been blocked.

Bizarrely, Iran’s supreme leader Hamini, who is under U.S. sanctions, can speak freely without fear of the “risk of violence.” In addition, leaders and officials of dictatorial countries such as China and Venezuela are also allowed to speak freely. Twitter’s shielding of authoritarians and its blocking of democratic freedoms is exposed.

Twitter’s blocking of President Trump drew a public backlash. On January 11, Twitter shares plunged 12 percent, wiping $5 billion off its market value. Mexican President Francois Obrador criticized social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook for blocking Trump’s account, affirming that these high-tech social media outlets should not deny anyone the right to speak online.

Trump then moved his voice to Parler, an up-and-coming social media platform. On January 11, Amazon stopped hosting Parler on the cloud, preventing it from going live. On January 9, Apple removed the Parler app from the Apple Store, and on January 8, Google was the first to remove the Parler app from Google play.

U.S. high-tech companies have teamed up to attack, signaling a media war in the high-tech sector. Although it seems that President Trump is at a disadvantage, his real trump card, the “Air Force,” has not yet appeared on the stage. In the Battle of Midway in 1942, the U.S. Army was able to win with less, and in addition to the intelligence power and luck factor, the industrial strength of the United States was also an important reason. Japan’s industrial strength was inferior to that of the United States, so the Japanese aircraft carrier could not be repaired as soon as possible after it was damaged. The United States had fewer carriers and far weaker naval strike strength than Japan. The United States’ industrial strength far surpassed Japan’s, so the Yorktown carrier could be repaired and put into the war within three days, thus achieving the ultimate victory.

In this war with the American mainstream media and social media, high-tech power is being fought behind the scenes. This is a showdown between the American people, who defend democracy, freedom, the rule of law, and the communist high-tech oligarchs, which is also Trump’s “Battle of Trenton”. How will President Trump cross the Delaware River, break the information embargo with the TAAF, expose the evidence at hand to the world, and win this victory? Let’s wait and see.

(The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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