China’s Domestic Economy Is a Mess and Miles’ Two Advices to Compatriots in China

In his January 9 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo gave two advices to fellow fighters in mainland China: (1) be prepared for the worst time of the economy and make proper arrangement accordingly; and (2) never underestimate the virus. He said, “Chinese people’s problems should be ultimately solved by the Chinese people. That is taking down the CCP by the CCP, taking down the CCP by the Chinese, and taking down the CCP by the Whistleblower Movement.” Toward the end, he said that the Whistleblower Movement has secret weapons and there will be miracles.

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There are two things that I haven’t told you guys yet. In the past two days, we have seen the great power of our fellow fighters, especially those in mainland China. Our fellow fighters in mainland China are truly under all kinds of threats. Compared with them, our fellow fighters overseas should take a knee and thank God everyday. Especially our fellow fighters in Hebei, Dalian, and Shenyang, I see that many families and loved ones of theirs have contracted with the CCP virus.

我还有两件事没给大家说。就是这两天啊,咱们真是看到了我们战友伟大的力量,特别是国内的战友。国内的战友现在是处在真的是各种威胁之中。我们海外的战友要跟国内的战友比,我们就天天磕头,感谢上天吧。特别是河北、大连、沈阳的战友,现在看到很多家人、亲人,都染上了共产党的 CCP 病毒。

Let me tell you this again. All of our fellow fighters in mainland China, if you can connect with each other and have the ability to help others, please do help each other. Seriously, the worse days haven’t come yet, the disaster of the virus hasn’t really begun yet. There is something that I really dare not to tell you directly. After all, this is in a public platform, on social media, but you will understand. I have proved to you in the past year. Fellow fighters in China, including all who trust me, my friends, relatives, and families, please trust what I said: year 2021 is much much worse than year 2020. This is one thing.


Another thing is that, my brothers and sisters in arms, I want to tell you about the domestic economy and real estate. Brothers and sisters, the CCP’s “land sale” economy, i.e., real estate economy, and the CCP’s trading economy which totally relies on the 100 billion dollars per year’s trade with the US are over, absolutely over.


So, food and the survival in China and the living environment are the things that you should consider the most. You don’t need to trust Miles, but with your suitable ability, you should make a proper arrangement. Many fellow fighters sent me messages asking me questions. I can’t reply each and everyone of them, and I shouldn’t reply everyone because everyone’s environment is different. Nevertheless, there is one thing that is in common: the China kidnapped by the CCP is stepping into the worst disaster. If we could take down the CCP this year, the Chinese people may still have some good days to live, but if we can’t take down the CCP, then the Chinese people will live a life even worse than a dog or a pig’s. This is not to scare you guys, absolutely not.


Brothers and sisters, I hope what I said was all wrong because that would mean a better situation for our fellow fighters and compatriots. But everyone should remember [what I said]. After all, we hope to prevent those from happening. The Witshleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China are to make Chinese people to live a life which is safe, decent, with rule of law, belief, freedom, and independence, and most of all, we believe “only truth is unbreakable”. I believe what I said is true, so I hope you all to consider. China’s domestic economy, real estate, and trade are a mess, which you have felt yourselves.


Second, don’t underestimate the virus. It’s a huge deal. These two things [economy and virus] together are the greatest threats above everything else. Please remember this forever: taking down the CCP is our ultimate goal. We ask people to only take down the CCP within the limits of their ability and given that you can survive first. If you can’t even survive, how can you take down the CCP, brothers and sisters?


Eventually, the strongest power in this world will be America, definitely America. To the fellow fighters who have arrived at the West, please hold on, hold on, and hold on! Please cherish the secured environment, the freedom, and the rule of law now. Compared with our compatriots in mainland China, we should feel thankful every minute and every second.


Another thing that we should always remember: Chinese people’s problems should be ultimately solved by the Chinese people. That is taking down the CCP by the CCP, taking down the CCP by the Chinese, and taking down the CCP by the Whistleblower Movement. That is the central theme that we should never forget. Brothers and sisters, everything has already begun, and no one can stop this. Do we have other choices? The only choice we have is to take down the CCP. Only for people who don’t take it for real, they may have other choices for the time being, but ultimately they will have no choices. Simple as it is.



Regarding taking down the CCP, we will have secret weapons, and will have miracles to show to everyone, wait and see!


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1 day ago

Hi. I’m enjoying looking around this channel which is new to me. Thank you for providing it and all the information. I’m sorry that people in China are oppressed by the present regime and it’s understandable that you want to fight for something better. The Isaiah 40:31 reference is interesting; I heard Miles Guo state before that he is a Buddhist. What do we hope for when we hope in the God of the Bible? At the moment, the thing you are hoping to achieve: the overthrow of government. However, God’s kingdom is going to replace ALL human governments permanently.… Read more »

Himalaya Rose Garden Team

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Jan. 11