To Vaccine, Or Not To Vaccine . . .

Author: Mi John

The Virus

It is almost a whole year since the coronavirus (AKA, COVID – 19) has been sweeping the world. Dr. Li-meng Yan, the Chinese virologist fled Hong Kong [1] in the late spring of 2020, has accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) led regime of coronavirus cover-up; and since then, she has published three scientific papers [2][3][4] describing why the virus is originated from the CCP’s military laboratory. The COVID – 19 should really be called CCP virus. Dr. Yan has repeatedly warned people the deadly nature of the virus. It is an unrestricted Bioweapon.

The CCP virus has already infected tens of millions of people and killed more than one million. By nearly every measure, last December was the worst month since the pandemic started. And more reports expected that trend to continue into January because of holiday travels and gatherings. There are vaccines have been developed and deployed since middle of December 2020. Though some of the vaccines claimed to be 94% of effective, it still needs time to prove. 

The Vaccines

Three major pharmaceutical companies in the US, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, have come up with the vaccines, led the vaccination:

With COVID deaths climbing, US inks deal for vaccine doses | CIDRAP
CompanyPfizerModernaJohnson and Johnson
Vaccine BioNTech(BNT162B2)COVID-19 VaccinePhase-3 candidate
Approved country/RegionUS (emergency only)[5]US (emergency only) [5]TBD
Vaccination typeTwo phases shotTwo phase shotOne Shot
Available Date12/11/202012/18/2020Projected to be early 2021
Major adverse reaction (>50%)pain at the injection site (84.1%), fatigue (62.9%), headache (55.1%) [6]pain at injection site (91.6%), fatigue (68.5%), headache (63.0%), muscle pain (59.6%)[6]TBD
Authorized UseFor 16 years or older only [6]For 18 years or older only [6]TBD
Price Range$19/does$25-$37/doesProjected $10/dose

In US, there are already about four million people have been vaccinated up to the first week of 2021. According to many reports, the US states and federal government are working to get at least tens of millions of people vaccinated by the end of March. In order to supply a broader scope of people, some suggestions are to delay the 2nd does while others object the idea, because the concern on the effectiveness when the second dose is absent.

Safety And Effectiveness

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are preservatives free; so the transportation and storage require proper temperature. According to the doctors support the vaccines, they suggested the vaccines are a little bit more on the tender and reactive of the spectrum.  For example, some adults have received the Shingles vaccine and the reaction mainly includes some sore in the arm and low fever. These COVID vaccine give you the same soreness in the arm. On the next day, feeling of fatigue, some headache, maybe some aches and pains, usually will disappear between 24 to 48 hours. It was depicted as a very small price to pay against to get COVID, being easier to deal with like three days pain in the arm instead of on a ventilator for a week.

But How Effective Are They?

As Dr. Yan mentioned, in many interviews in Fox news Tucker Carlson Show [7] and in Mr. Steve Bannon’s Warroom [8], this virus is CCP militant laboratory manmade bioweapon. The virus has already shown new strains from its first reported structure back in March of 2020. From the early 614G variant, to the UK variant of 117B [9], and to the latest South Africa variant 501.V2 [9], all of them are coming in a way no body can imagine or predict. The newer variants were found have 70% more transmissible rate than its ancestors. Many big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer projected its vaccine can work on the new strains but did not provide the proof of the effectiveness on the new variants. 

There is no report available on the vaccine’s long-term side effect. The current approvals are all emergency uses, that are heavily influenced by the policy makers without long-term evidence of the side effect research. With more and more people got vaccinated, though majority of people shown moderated reaction, there are some deadly reports from all around the world. Only from CCP controlled soil seems having not reported any serious reaction; but we all know that CCP routinely report false information on almost everything. 

To Vaccine, Or Not To Vaccine . . .

Countries and regions have been continuing to lock down many locations even with the vaccines start to be available.  As long as CCP is still in control, there is no good way to have a vaccine that can cover all variants and for all the time. Even vaccines can cover some variants, vaccination approach will still have a long way to go.

Alternatively, Dr Yan. suggested another approach by using the generic medicine Hydroxychloroquine in low dose in combination with zinc and azithromycin. The method is mature, economic, and proven therapeutically effective from hospital practice [11][12] against the CCP virus.


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4 months ago

Great information you put together! The thing is the vaccine would not be so effective on the new mutant version of virus however HCQ still is for prevention.

4 months ago

Thank you for putting together this timely summary. It is strange to see all of the snapshots on TVs showing the vaccine injection being “proudly” taken… Honestly they are more like shows put on the stage to me…There are not a lot of resources to be trusted, except for Dr. Yan and a few other doctors with good consciences. Will go with Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s advice: take HCQ and vitamin D for prevention; Utilize all other necessary precautions. Will wait until enough time eclipse for sufficient trial phases to be completed and data collected proven to be safe!

4 months ago
Reply to  Gigi2020

Thank you! I totally agree with Dr.Yan . I’m taking HCQ and Vitamin D for prevention 😊

4 months ago

If Biden really does get in, we can expect mandatory face masks nation wide, mandatory lockdowns, MANDATORY vaccinations (up to and including the government bursting in your door and forcibly giving you a shot), and a national blackout (no power, communications, internet). He will tear down the wall and open us to invasion. Of course he will give all them freebies. He will raise min wage to $20/hr. Whites will become 2nd class citizens. Shall I go on? Only chance we have is to prevent Biden and the Democrats from destroying this country in the first place. Oh and that… Read more »

4 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. It’s time to get to the bottom of the the origin of the the virus. Until then, it is pointless to even talk about any effectiveness of the various covid vaccines

4 months ago

Thank you John for writing this wonderful article about Vaccines.I won’t take COVID-19 vaccines right now at least .


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