Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.07 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1.The mess in the capitol is over and the CCP is eager to arrange work for Biden.

The Global Times, the CCP’s major propaganda outlet, issued an article proposing four breakthroughs for the restart of Sino-US cooperation: first, China and the United States jointly should establish a global anti-pandemic fund to raise funds for international anti-pandemic  cooperation; second, there is huge room for cooperation between China and the United States to jointly tackle the climate crisis; third, China and the United States should join a trans-Pacific partnership agreement; fourth, a meeting of China, the United States, South Korea and North Korea should be held to promote the settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue. Lude analyzed that the essence of the above four points are: first, to control people with vaccines; second, to deprive people of freedom by excuse of climate; third, to hollow out the U.S. and ruin the U.S. economy; fourth, to continue to contain South Korea and Japan with the North Korean issue. And finally, the CCP intends to use these four moves to completely destroy the United States.

2.The CCP tries to establish a Comintern New Order through the Great Reset

Archbishop Vigano said in an interview in the Bannon War Room Pandemic that the evil power was trying to make us believe that the rebuilding was good for us, and the great change they impose on people is essential for tackling with the pandemic, the climate change, as well as for technological progress.

However, pandemic, climate change, and technological progress are just the CCP’s three major lies with the real purpose to control human beings more conveniently through vaccines, energy and technology, so as to establish the so-called CCP New Order.

3.Secretary of State Pompeo Released Series of Tweets Showing Anti-CCP Actions Continues

Pompeo revealed his discussions with Silicon Valley about the theft of intellectual property by the CCP and warned institutional investors and endowment fund managers not to fund CCP military companies that pose a national security risk to the United States.

He also said the U.S. and Taiwan are allies and that the Trump administration had authorized more than $15 billion in arms sales to Taiwan. In contrast, the Obama administration only made $14 billion in sales in all his eight years. Pompeo’s series of actions showed that although Congress declared Biden as president-elect, it is not yet the end, the U.S. strategy for the Asia-Pacific remains unchanged, and the anti-CCP actions continues.

4.FCC Reminded Media Outlets to Comply with EAS Rules.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is an emergency alert broadcasting system overseen by the FCC. The key point of this system is that it requires all television networks, radio stations, communications companies and online media to give way to EAS in times of emergency or war and not to block speeches of the president. The FCC’s notice shows that President Trump will test the loopholes of the nation’s management system in advance. Lude predicted that if EAS is implemented in the next few days, there would be no media to act following the FCC’s rules, indicating that the U.S. legal system fails.

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