【Take Down the CCP With me】Grandfather Who Saved the Country Through His Business but Was Persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Author:Wen Paper Crane
Proofreading :Claire

Image source: The Epoch Times

It has been seventy years since the CCP established, internal strife is the stereotype of its thinking from the very beginning.

In order to complete the so-called capitalist transformation and establish its self-proclaimed socialist public system, the CCP used subjective assumptions to divide class composition and used the struggle against landlords and capitalists (the proletariat) to forcibly plunder and occupy the resources of all tangible assets.

Since then, the masses of people under the rule of the CCP have become proletarians. The Communist Party prides itself on being the vanguard of the proletariat and has imposed a dictatorship of the proletariat. To achieve its goal of perpetual possession, by using of an iron-fisted policy, such as killing, imprisoning and controlling, landowners and capitalists who have lost their land and industrial and commercial enterprises.

For as long as I can remember as a child, I always looked up to my tall grandfather and followed him around like a tail, thinking that I would get some yummy if I followed him around.

My grandfather was always kind to people and had a gentlemanly demeanour, such as greeting people with a slight bow and a nod of the head. When sitting down, he would always ask his guests to sit down first, and then he would sit with his own arms folded, lifting the hem of his shirt with both hands covering his legs as a sign of dignity. When sending guests out, he would bow his head in apology to say goodbye. My grandfather’s gentlemanly manner still influences me today.

Grandfather lived between the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. He has five sons and one daughter, all of whom received a good Republican education in new schools, and served their country in the military, government and the cultural and educational sectors.

As a young and a hard-working man, my grandfather was a diligent entrepreneur, dealing honestly in Chinese and Western medicine as well as salt and other groceries. He not only supported the education of his own children, but led various industrialists and businessmen to invest in the construction of local water conservancy projects and gypsum mine companies, which supported the soldiers who were on the front line of resistance against Japanese aggression.

Meanwhile, he supported his father in setting up a new-style school in the countryside which run for over ten years. In 1948, he was elected as a local senator, a representative of the National Assembly at that time.

The civil war between the Communist Party and the State led to panic and chaos in my grandfather’s hometown. On one occasion, my grandfather saw some wounded and starving soldiers when he was escaping from military chao.  He offered them food, and filled their bags with sweet potatoes after they had eaten.

Those injured soldiers were very grateful to grandpa’s saving. After they left, my aunt said to grandpa that they did not look like the National Army. Grandpa had a conversation with them and was told they were Communist troops from the Central Plain.  They had been wounded and separated, and were afraid to take the main road, and had been lost in the mountains for many days without food.

I remember one morning I followed grandfather out by tugging on his long coat, thinking I would have breakfast. However, he went into the courthouse. Grandpa told me to play in the gatehouse, and then I heard him talking loudly to someone, and as he came out he said loudly, “You don’t dare to take care of it, I will.”

It turned out that the bodies of the people shot by the authorities had been left in a mob at Kyochangpo. Grandpa protested that the bodies had been left at the junction where women went down to the river to do laundry and students went to school too long. The bodies should be collected as soon as possible, but the magistrate put off the matter.

Later, he found someone to make a box and bury the body himself. In autumn, the people of Kyochangpo sent a lot of sweet potatoes to thank grandpa. However,during  the Land Reform, grandpa was fought against and was wrongly accused of burying the New Fourth Army alive. It was a complete disgrace.

Thanks to the 1911 Revolution which brought down the thousand-year-old imperial dynasty, introduced a new Republic of China and brought hope to China.

Grandpa’s generation had a special feeling of love for China that came from their hearts. They physically did what was right for the country and its people.

Therefore, grandpa worked diligently and honestly to set up industries and train his children and grandchildren to receive a good education in the new school and to serve the country and its people.

In a normal society, seniors like my grandfather should have been treated with respect, recognised for his achievements and protected by the law.

But the CCP carried out agrarian reform and crackdowns when after entering the city and seizing power. The CCP persecuted and even killed people who contributed to the country.

One day during the land reform, grandpa was taken away by the CCP with a gun. It was raining heavily and my mother rushed outside to the street to put a rain hat on my grandfather. I followed him as usual and saw him throwing his hat to the floor.

My grandfather then disappeared into the grey misty rain without a backward glance.

When I got home from school the next morning, the whole family was in tears as grandpa died tragically in the place where he was being held. I went to see my grandfather with my aunt. I lost my voice crying because his body was covered by bruised and his face marked with tears, moreover, I would never see my dear grandfather again.

A journalist from the former Hunan Newspaper had written a book overseas describing how he personally experienced the land reform, the suppression of the rebellion, and the elimination of the landlords and their relatives.

I believe that the ordeal my grandfather suffered that night was just like those described in the journalist’s book. The CCP, along with its villains, have plagued China, and destroyed the civilisation of mankind. There is no escape from the crime the CCP had made, and the justice will come in the near future.

(The content of the article is based on the author’s recollections of his elders and represents the author’s views only)

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11 days ago

CCP did destroy the civilisation of mankind since first day of its establishment.



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