【Take Down the CCP With me】My Elders’ Memories of Birth-Limitation Policy

Author: Wen Zhihe
Translator: Ping
Proofreading: Claire

Photo credit: Zhihu

It is human nature to procreate and reproduce. Reproductive rights are basic human rights. The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is the only regime in the universe that has made birth-limitation policy or one-child policy a basic state policy of the country and even carried out forced late-term abortions. The CCP presumes to be in charge of everything, including their citizens’ genitals.

Some of those born after the 1970s became the only child of their families due to the birth-limitation policy. They have to bear the heavy responsibility of supporting their elderly parents alone. When they get married and have children, they still have to follow the one-child policy. However, the Chinese government abandoned its one-child policy in 2015. This means the government is pushing those born after the 1970s to have a second child at the age of 40. Nonetheless, most of them do not want to have a second child because they cannot afford it. In just half a century, the government has changed its approach.

When the one-child policy was first formulated, it said that it was a basic national policy and that over-birth of a second child would result in a huge fine. For those who violated the police and could not afford the fine, the government took the cattle from their farm and forced them out of their houses. Mo Yan, who won the Nobel Prize in 2012, has a masterpiece Frog, in which the main character has an aunt who was a model supporter of the front lines during the war years and later worked as a maternal and child health worker, and a remote midwife. She delivered so many babies who still remembered her and thanked her when they grow up. From time to time, people would invite her to their weddings, and she would always congratulate the new couple. Delivering babies was such a joy for the aunt. However, she was so anxious since she became a birth control officer because she had to perform abortions  and terminate lives. Soon after, she suffered from depression and other mental problems.

A close friend of my elder relative who graduated from Xi’an Medical College and became the director of a district hospital in southern Shannxi. One day in the 1970s, he was asked if he could repair the only X-ray machine in the hospital, which was used to examine miners for pneumoconiosis. My elder relative helped them and it took him two days to fix it. One day he went to the toilet in the hospital, which back in those days was built with two wooden planks so that a person squatting on it could see directly into the shit hole below. He heard a noise in the pit and found a baby, who obviously had been artificially induced, was still alive. It was a horrifying and unforgettable scene for anyone! When he was asked, my relative said unintentionally and habitually, and I quote, “The foetus is already seven or eight months old and mature, but it was born beyond the target and against the policy. It does not matter if the individual get fined, but the hospital and local officials will also be punished.” It is contradictory that my relative knew the one-child policy is inappropriate, but he still wanted to follow it. Although he was reluctant deep in his heart, there was nothing he could do about it. This is a story happened in a small district hospital. Just think about how many hospitals were out there and how many newborns had been subjected to murder? How many more women had suffered both physically and mentally?

Most Christians do not agree with Darwin’s theory of evolution. They believe that human beings did not evolve from apes or monkeys, but were created by God. Man came into the world because of the God’s holy will, which result in fearing God and respecting life.  Political parties or politicians have no right to decide which life should be brought into the world. As a human being, one should have the most basic right to procreation, even he/she does not believe in God. As the most basic human nature, every delicate life that is coming into the world should be respected and loved. The CCP’s destruction of life and strangulation of humanity will be condemned by God!

(The article represents the views of the author only)

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