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U.S. is banning transactions with 8 CCP companies, Alipay included

President Trump signed an executive order to prohibit transactions with eight China software applications, including Alipay, WeChat Pay, CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, and WPS Office. It requires the Department of Commerce to ban the transactions of the above companies within 45 days, which shows that the decoupling of China and the United States has taken an important first step. It also verified Lude’s previous intelligence that President Trump signed a report on sanctions against China’s banking system.

The sanctions on these companies have a more profound impact than direct sanctions on the banks of the Chinese Communist Party, because their business in the United States is broader. For example, Alipay has realized various functions such as recharge, transfer, cash withdrawal, exchange, and payment. Most of these applications have backdoors, and thus the privacy of Americans and even some sensitive data may be controlled by the CCP.

Mnuchin called the NYSE to continue delisting the Chinese Communist Party’s telecommunications companies

Yesterday news had it that the New York Stock Exchange had suspended the delisting of three Chinese Communist Party telecommunications companies, and the share prices of the three companies have risen sharply today. However, U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin called Stacey Cunningham, president of the New York Stock Exchange, telling her to continue the executive order to delist, which caused a sharp drop in stock prices after the market. During this wave of man-show operations, some people made profits while some were fleeced the flock. Rounds of competitions has completely exposed some Washington Swamp monsters and also gave others a chance to regain their team in the wrestling. What is certain is that the general direction of extermination of the CCP will not change. Finally, after the swamp creatures come to our side, the CCP will be cast aside.

The relationship between the Holy See and the extermination of the CCP

The Vatican has accumulated huge funds and built up their own intelligence system over the past two thousand years. The Vatican is the spiritual leader of mankind, besides the possession of a lot of secular information it also has records of many secrets in the supernatural realm,  much powerful than the U.S. in these aspects.  People may always need hospice care before death, regardless of their status or position.  As opposed to other religions, Christian civilization has systematized a lot of secular stuff, such as law, credit etc.

Bannon’s recent exclusive interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano mainly covered issues of the Catholic Church, the Deep State, the Communist China and the General Election. The Archbishop declared that in order to put an end to the Deep Church and restore the Catholic Church, the extent of the involvement of the leaders of the Church with the Masonic-globalist project would have to be revealed. He invited politicians, beyond their political loyalties, to become champions of the Truth.

Having no faith and not recognizing private possessions, the CCP only believes in communism such an evil religion. The CCP wants to replace the Western faith-based state with a wealth-based state, taking advantage of the weakness of human nature to infiltrate and undermine traditional religions and western religions and to make the whole society desire for material wealth only. Religious communities must recognize the Communist China’s subversion of human civilization. If the CCP is not exterminated, the human civilization will be ruined thoroughly.

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