Why Did Tedros Adhanom Criticize the CCP?


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After the Covid-19 virus continued to spread globally for a year, the CCP finally approved WHO experts to investigate the origin of the epidemic. However, Tedros Adhanom, the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization, who has always sung the Chinese Communist Party’s praises, said on the 5th that the 10-member WHO team that left their countries to go to China to investigate has not yet received the Visas. During this incident, edros Adhanom has publicly expressed that he is very disappointed.


1. Tedros is a running dog of the CCP; he tries to support them at every reasonable and unreasonable moment. He works with the CCP to hide the truth behind the world’s virus, and that’s why the pandemic even exists. He and the CCP are on the same boat.

2. The claim that CCP allowed the WHO into China to investigate is simply a joke and a part of their conspiracy. The global pandemic has been lasting for nearly a year. The CCP already “killed” Li Wenliang, who was the first to blow the whistle; the CCP refused to surrender the original virus strain, and the important Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market was wiped out. Who would believe that the WHO would bring out the truth? The World Health Organization has been to China once, but after returning, they did not provide any report on the source of the virus to the people of the world. The only news you can hear from the WHO are their praises of the CCP. Now when the CCP has allowed the experts to enter China but only with the CCP’s approval, what even is this investigation’s point? There is only one reasonable explanation. The World Health Organization serves the CCP with its international reputation and continue to help them cover the truth.

3. Secretary Tedros rarely criticizes the CCP, and it can be reasonably presumed that he is playing a double role. Tedros is only “criticizing” the CCP to put up the act that he was distancing himself from them to inflate the believability and prestige of investigation. These schemes prove that the CCP is already feeling the heat; they fear the truth to be found out. If the truth is out, it would be a fatal blow to them.

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