President Trump’s Supporters Are Peaceful, Not Thugs

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On Wednesday (6 Jan), a joint session of the United States Congress was held, whereby the Senate and the House of Representatives collectively verified the electoral college voting results. At around 2:30 PM, protesters broke into the Capitol, stopping the verification process. Senators then evacuated the building before it was locked down.

Following the incident, President Trump condemned the violence committed and called for peaceful protests. He also instructed the National Guards based in Virginia to move to Washington DC.

Washington DC police department confirmed that four people died during the incident, one from gunshot wounds and three from accidents. Additionally, 52 people were arrested.

Washington Times quoted the protestors that some of the people who broke into the Capitol today were not Trump supporters. They were in fact members of the violent terrorist organization ‘Antifa’ who disguised as Trump supporters. XR Vision’s facial recognition software supports this statement.


Apart from the disruptions caused by Antifa, the protests in Washington DC today that were attended by over a million people were mostly peaceful and organized. The American people feel betrayed by the profit-driven scums in Congress who committed election fraud and stopped the courts from upholding justice. At the same time, the mainstream media distorted the truth in their favor. Breaking into the Capitol was a way for the protestors to have their voices heard when all other political and legal channels have failed. The right to peacefully protest is protected by the constitution, and popular sovereignty is a legitimate and righteous demand.

The protesters eventually dispersed peacefully and returned to their families at the appeal of President Trump. However, what happens afterward? Did the falsified election results change? Or are people just waiting for the far-leftist to come to power and arrest people on their ‘blacklist,’ just like what happened in Hong Kong?

During the Protests of 1989 in China, the innocent students tried their best to confiscate ‘weapons’ from the citizens, hoping to prove that the protests were non-violent. Regardless, they could not escape the fate of being brutally slaughtered. In the face of evil and tyranny, peace is a sign of weakness, and kindness is a sign of naiveness. This is proven by the blatant deception, thievery, and treason committed by the increasingly audacious deep state forces from both parties since 3 Nov 2020. The American people should learn from the disaster that happened to the Chinese decades ago.

Using the pandemic as a symbol and the virus as a medium, the CCP conspired with dark forces worldwide and started the ‘Great Reset.’ With the help of dark forces, a small number of families are trying to rule the world forever and dictate the destiny of mankind. For over a year now, the righteous forces around the world have been following America’s lead, which is in turn led by the Republican Party, specifically by President Trump. President Trump took the compassionate approach and did not combat election fraud and related crimes with extreme measures. Instead, he has always tried to use normal channels to defend the voters’ rights and his rights. However, the dark forces did not hold back because of the president’s kindness; instead, they doubled down on their evil agenda and did everything they could to exploit the American people further.

Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, issued an order to extend the public emergency declared earlier for 15 days, until 20 Jan when Joe Biden will be inaugurated.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced that the state is sending 1,000 national guards to Washington DC for two weeks to assist with the presidential power transition.

Now, President Trump’s situation is that the closer it gets to 20 Jan, the less legitimate his actions are in terms of changing the outcome of the election and punishing election fraud. Accordingly, the chances of the president being prosecuted by the Biden administration and a subsequent national disaster increase.

Therefore, Mr. Trump can no longer rely on the ‘art of negotiation’ to solve the problems at hand. As the USA president, people need him to become a fearless warrior on the historical battlefield instead of a dancer under the spotlight. Like the pioneers on Mount Rushmore, he should reply to the people, the police, and the military behind him.

What the president should do now is Action, Action, Action!

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1 month ago

I think some Antifa were there, but I also understand the anger that many conservatives feel. Had this action actually taken place by Democrats it would he hailed as a great protest. The Media and Government is corrupt here. The people no longer trust the vote. They can’t even hope for the Courts to look and or fairly judge that matter. The FBI and DOJ are absent in the light of evidence. Our Government Officials basically are tell the the People to go pound sand. A very large number of American feel a great Treason has taken place and in… Read more »

1 month ago

Gnews team. I hate the CCP but this article is fake news. XR Vision said their facial recognition was actually false, so these were not Antifa unfortunately. Because Gnews is free speech, I invite anyone to debate me freely, but unfortunately these were trump thugs – very bad look for our movement


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