It’s Time to Stop Electoral Fraud!

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On 5 Jan, the results for the US Senate runoffs in Georgia were confirmed – Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof won the election. As a result, the Democratic party won control of the US Senate. News link


As long as the election procedure and the vote-counting system remain unchanged, every US election is a repeat of the 2020 presidential race, whereby the results are easily manipulated.

Familiar scenes were seen during the Georgia Senate runoffs – mail-in voting was allowed, no deadline was set for counting votes, and Dominion Voting System was used once again. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic candidates won, making this runoff a continuation of the election fraud that started on 3 Nov 2020.

Let us look back on these tricks that have already been used during the presidential election.

1. During the Georgia Senate runoffs today, the state officials and election staff pulled off their tricks once again: the voting machine stopped working, election observers were ordered to move further away, and voters were told that they have already voted when in fact they have not. 

2. Election officials in Dekalb county claimed that due to a “technical difficulty,” 19000 votes had to be manually scanned before being added to the overall tally. (404)

3. Dominion voting machines stole votes once again on live television – 2400 votes for Purdue were suddenly transferred to Ossoff during CNN’s live stream.

4. Vote counting stopped again in some counties and set to resume 8 AM the next day, when 79% of the overall votes had already been counted. (404)

5. Republican election observers have been unable to observe the counting process. Judges just ordered to remove the walls and barriers and allow the observers to monitor the counting process from within 10 feet closely.

Are you still surprised or angry about the blatant fraud and thievery that led to the outcome of this election? Or are you used to it by now? If one’s fooled once, it is reasonable to feel sad and helpless. If one’s fooled by the same trick twice in a row, one has only oneself to blame.

Indeed, the Democratic party is exploiting the public, but where are the Republicans, the patriots, and the We the People movement when needed? They did have their voices heard before the election but then disappeared once the voting started and allowed the cheaters to stop observers from monitoring the counting, to stop the counting, to add fake votes, and to steal votes. It is a waste of the public’s effort, making a fool out of the people.

Freedom or die. During this war between darkness and light, we hope that the American people will wake up and act to take back control of their legal rights and that the American spirit will prevail once again. It’s time to stop electoral fraud

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16 days ago

I saw elsewhere that Trump signed the insurrection act Saturday night, midnight, Air traffic around Washington, D.C. was halted except for military aircraft. Civilian aircraft also cleared the skies a while later (presumably to finish the existing flights), leaving about 130 military aircraft in the air with barely a handful of civilian aircraft in the air. There were some anomalies with aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean too. If all this is true about him signing the insurrection act and instilling martial law, to what extent will this affect the country? If indeed he did sign that, how come those evil… Read more »

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