North China City Shijiazhuang’s CCP Virus Pandemic Is on Alert, 259 Cases Detected in Gaocheng District

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1. As of January 6th, the Health Commission of Hebei province, China, has urgently deployed 1,000 medical personnel from other cities in the province to support the prevention and containment of the CCP virus outbreak in Shijiazhuang. On January 7th, 2,000 more medical personnel were deployed to carry out mass nucleic acid testing.

2. The city of Shijiazhuang plans to complete the mass nucleic acid testing of the 11 million people living in the city in three days from January 6th. On the evening of January 8th, Shijiazhuang held a press conference on the prevention and containment of the CCP virus pandemic: as of 12:00 PM on January 8th, a total of 9.8 million people had been sampled, and nucleic acid testing had been completed for more than 6.23 million people, with all remaining sampling to be completed that night. A total of 259 positive cases were detected in Gaocheng District, including 112 symptomatic cases and 147 asymptomatic cases.


1. The CCP is again engaging in the political parade and costly exercise by forcing 11 million people to participate in nucleic acid tests for Covid in three days. Performing mass nucleic acid tests for millions of citizens in such a short period of time and making people wait in line in the bitter winter cold wind will only increase the risk of cross-infection, not to mention the questionable accuracy of the nucleic acid tests with “CCP characteristics.”

2. According to the Shijiazhuang municipal government’s plan, after the “successful completion” of the mass nucleic acid testing, should the 3,000 medical personnel that came to support the emergency testing return home to the “Welcome Home Heroes” slogans flying in the their respective cities? According to the CCP’s practice in the past, I am afraid things are not that simple. The situation in Shijiazhuang may be like Wuhan last year, whereby field hospitals are built secretly for quarantine and medical personnel from all over the country are urgently deployed to support the city. Shijiazhuang deployed 3,000 medical personnel from other cities in just two days – assume one medical staff takes care of one patient, how many people have already been infected? The number of confirmed cases officially announced is completely illogical, and the CCP virus pandemic in Shijiazhuang is already very severe.

3. The CCP has complete control over the media within the Great firewall and has the final say on whether there is a pandemic or not or if the pandemic is serious. Following Beijing’s Shunyi District entering a ‘state of war,’ the entire province of Hebei also declared a state of war. Is it possible that at the CCP’s approval, Beijing and its surrounding areas were put into a state of war in the name of pandemic prevention and control, in fact only to reinforce the CCP’s governance? In any case, the Covid-19 pandemic in China has been in deep water for a long time, and the so-called “beautiful scenery” is just a media whitewash. I hope our compatriots can protect themselves from the CCP virus.

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