【Opinion】The Current Situation is Perfect for The Whistleblowers’ Movement

Author: Seven Coloured Lights
Translator: Ping
Proofreading: Lish

Image source: GNEWS

The word “perfect” is understood by many as a positive word, and by some as a negative word in certain contexts, but in this article, the term “perfect” is used in a neutral sense, so please do not interpret it with your own preconceived ideas of good or bad intentions. Please do not interpret the meaning of the word in this text in your own good or bad faith. Of course, even if interpreted with malice or good intentions, it is still perfect, and perhaps by the end of the article, you will have understood this.

January 6 and January 7, 2021, two days in a row, the United States election drama, the climax of a series of ups and downs, so that many of those involved in the whistleblowers’ movement of the mood of ups and downs, changing, many of them feel frustrated, and even doubt whether the whistleblowers’ movement can ultimately succeed. This is also in the case of Mr. Guo Wengui many times in advance in the video to give everyone a “precautionary” situation, you can imagine how those fake friends are cheering, but also can think of many people do not know the truth of the whistleblowers’ movement but have a sense of justice is how down, or even no motivation. Of course, many of the true friends continue to follow the revolution with confidence and continue to make life choices in line with their historical mission.

We need to see the perfection of things at the low tide, but not to be blinded at the high tide either. In the run-up to the US election, with the information revealed by Luther Media and by Miles Guo’s video, many, many of our supporters and friends in the whistleblowers’ movement were combative and thorny, actively involved in the various volunteer efforts of the whistleblowers’ movement and the battles on the public opinion front, but let their guard down and took the forces of evil lightly with Miles Guo’s advance warning. As soon as the current status of the November 3, 2020 election came out, many of our brothers and sisters had experienced a lack of will, and the sound of drooping heads was common in the text and voice rooms; as evidence of election fraud and criminality was gradually revealed with the emergence of lawyers such as Giuliani and Powell, everyone began to gradually adjust again and move on. Even so, there was still the infiltration and control of the VOG and Phoenix Farm principals by the “Cobras” and “Swallows” sent by the CCP.

At the moment, although there is a supposed “frustration “, it is only a partial “frustration “, a temporary “frustration “. Can’t you see that 80 million MAGA people have already come forward? That these American forces, representing justice, have been assembled? That the forces of light are being driven and led by the revolutionary whistleblowers’ movement? If before January 6 the Explosive Revolution Movement was only a force for justice formed by some Chinese people themselves, after January 7, the United States’ forces were about to meet it. How perfect is it that many of the dark forces lurking in the Whistleblowers’ Movement are being exposed? What a glorious picture?

As stated in the GNews article “Understanding Only Goodness Can’t Be Defeated from the Perspective of Faith“: “We will find that the Whistleblowers’ Movement will no longer be dominated by Chinese only, but there will be many people at home and abroad, regardless of country, regardless of region, regardless of race, regardless of age, who will join the Whistleblowers’ Movement, such as Bannon, Giuliani, etc., such as the 80 million voters who support Trump, etc. I believe that even the tens of millions of voters who supported Biden (who were deceived by the beautiful lies) will eventually come to the side of the Whistleblowers, to the side of truth, to the side of justice and light, simply because they are all souls who follow the evolutionary path of ‘service to others’.”

If there were no evil in the world, justice would not exist, “If there were no evil in the world, there would be no good to speak of.” Mr. Miles Guo was a man of great enlightenment, who knew the difference between the outside and inside world, and who understood the broad, universal, profound, cruel and perfect nature of the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness in the world thoroughly. At the same time, he knew that the outcome of this struggle would be the triumph of good over evil, the triumph of the forces of light over the forces of evil.

What a perfect plot: the forces of good gradually gather under the gradual encroachment and oppression of the forces of darkness, prompting people following different paths of soul evolution to make their own choices at critical moments, allowing each to perform to their heart’s content and each to experience the excitement of life.

Trump will ultimately win the US presidential election 100%, but the US election is only one decisive battle in the Whistleblowers’ movement, the beginning of a counterattack. With the demise of the CCP, the contribution of the Whistleblowers’ movement in human history will not only be the extinction of the CCP as an axis of evil, but there are many, many more historical missions to be undertaken and unfolded.

Everything is perfect, and God bless the Whistleblowers’ Movement.

 (The content of this article represents the views of the author only)

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