Anti-Decapitation Strike Is Beijing’s Highest Priority Now

In his January 9 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that the Beijing regime has realized that because of the virus, the world and the US will not let it off easy, so its highest priority now is how to prevent the possible decapitation strike from the West. Miles also used the story of King Gou Jian to tell us that what will defeat the CCP will be its own stupidity and problems.

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I think this is the greatest gift to our Witshleblower Movement from the heavens. Who do you feel people in the world and American people are thinking of at this moment? Who do they hate the most? Who are they angry at the most? Do you think the virus will just disappear? Do you think the CCP can be let off easy?


I heard that the Beijing regime has now put the anti-decapitation strike as its highest priority. Its internal security guards now have more shifts each day, from the previous 12 shifts to the current 24 shifts – one shift per hour. It has reached this level [of security]!


Think about China’s food shortage and its “rolling pin” [fake] economy. Can it [the fake economy] become real? Can the US print a lot of money now? There are too many things to talk about, but I just don’t want to. About the [social] media, do you think American people would let it go after so many accounts were suspended by them? Whoever’s account was suspended by the media, they will definitely be the winners in the future.


At this moment, my dear brothers and sisters in arms, we are not competing for our persistence, not our courages, not your righteousness, then what are we competing for? At this crucial moment, fellow fighters, let’s learn from the king of the Yue Kingdom, Gou Jian. Anyone who understands the historical story of King Gou Jian should still remember what led to Gou Jian’s final victory. Was it due to the 500 prodigies? The handful of Ministers around him? Was it Fan Li? Was it due to his sacrifices and persistence? None of them. It was because of its opponent, Bo Pi, a fatuous king of the Wu Kingdom, together with his wrong decisions that led him to death. Otherwise, it [the victory of Gou Jian] would be impossible.


[What will destroy the CCP are] the CCP’s internal struggles, it’s non-curable cancers in its economy and politics, the 1.4 billion people’s open mouths waiting for food and never ending, unsolvable resentment, and the most vicious virus in this world.


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13 days ago

Laura, the only reason you are in lock down is because of the virus. No virus = no lock down. I am perplexed by how you could not be angry

14 days ago

Right now we aren’t so angry about the virus honestly as we are how it’s being used to lock people down and destroy our economy in this great reset bull crap and tyrannical communist leaders thinking that they can control everything it’s not going to happen we’re not going to let it happen the Americans you know we won’t. Don’t get me wrong we hate the CCP but even more so for our leaders who have made allegiance with the CCP and stabbed us in the back. and I tell everyone about The whistleblower movement and differentiate you from the… Read more »

Himalaya Rose Garden Team

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Jan. 10