Ruling a country is like cooking a fresh and tasty dish, overthrowing the CCP begins with removing wood from the fire

Taiwan Farm (in planning) 黯然神殤

Translated by Taiwan translation group 
(追尋自由, Cute panda, 小陳, 喜爺, 謎擬Q)

Today’s world is in the midst of a great event affecting the fate of all mankind: the turbulence of the world order in the post-Cold War period.

From World War II, Cold War and even to nowadays, the world system leading by the United States is facing unprecedented challenges.  The  Chinese Communist Party (CCP) developed socialism with Chinese characteristics (essentially, communism that forcibly represents the Chinese people in the world, disguised as socialism) that challenges and threatens the new order.

The People’s Republic of China was born in World War II, developed during the Cold War, to this day it continues with its formation. In the post-Cold War era, the western world leading by the United States has illusions about this regime that claims to represent the Chinese. It is hoped that through peaceful means, after its development and prosperity, communism can be abandoned and integrated into the western world.   

Initially, in 1971, the People’s Republic of China (China) replaced the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the United Nations. This was also the western world’s reward for helping to dissolve the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In 2002, it was allowed to join the WTO as a sign of recognition, and even the subsequent policy of appeasement to the Chinese Communist Party, are largely the expectation that the CCP could change

Western countries accepted this regime, lifted their blockade and allowed them access to foreign exchange such as US dollars.

However, the CCP propagated these actions nationally, as the world needs the Chinese market.

By reversing cause and effect, altering history, emphasizing the need for the CCP, and playing word games with the legal system, he gave the world the illusion of change.

These tricks also made the Chinese people under his rule not know the truth.

That is, the CCP regime has abandoned its own belief that communism is the final form of human civilization.

The fact that he submitted to being the second, aims to make the staged sacrifices of communism to gradually present himself to the world and finally achieve the elimination of private property and other social systems other than communism, because the CCP believes that these are backward. , and his own theories are the most advanced.

Even when social media is online, western tech companies seeking money, power, and their own profits have helped the CCP build a firewall, allowing the party to perform the two-sided tricks. On the one hand, he adopts a policy of dictatorship and tyranny against his own people, and on the other, he pretends to represent the Chinese to deceive the whole world.

Western tech companies and the CCP want to conspire with private property rights and thus control the power of humanity and build a new world of communism. This is what they conceptualize as the great reset.

With all this, the CCP finally succeeds in making one fool himself, completely forgetting why he can have everything he has today. Under this circumstance, he got all the Chinese people to believe that everything is due to the CCP, but when the CCP is abroad it preaches that everything is the efforts of all Chinese.

This double talk and inconsistent behaviors became a tradition to deceive and hide the system, so that the young people under his rule gradually became arrogant. The story they understand is distorted. The self-confidence built on this foundation, coupled with the evident rapid economic development, and the constant infusion of funds for the greed of the Western world, have exacerbated his self-perceived bias of it.

The above premises, let the reader understand what we’re facing.

When he began to challenge the American-led Western world, the community concept of human destiny, the new relations between China and the United States, the internationalization of the RMB, the structure of the RMB oil system, the strip and the route, the digitization RMB and other actions, progressed in the name of economic development. At the same time they exported the communist ideology. These policies constantly impacted the value of the US dollar system, trying to use the so-called socialist market with Chinese characteristics (an economic system of access to distribution under the communist dictatorship that forcibly represents the Chinese in the world) to succumb to those companies and countries that cannot easily access enormous powers and benefits in the western market. Those who interact with the CCP fall into the trap of profit, law, morality, and seduction. They won’t be able to get rid of them, it’s like using drugs. Finally they support and defend the communism of the CCP. This is what is known as BGY strategies (Blue: Internet control; Gold: Influence through payments; Yellow: Asserting control over key people through sex and seduction).

At first, Taiwan (ROC), unlike the rest of the world, was very sensitive and cautious about this, due to the diplomatic conflicts in the Taiwan Strait. 

With the wave of globalization, the CCP intends to normalize that behavior by saying that it will let the world get used to it, and unconsciously they began to change some of the rules of the original world. From within the firewall it began to spread and affect the world.

According to the Chinese proverb, ruling a country is like cooking a fresh and tasty dish. It simmers slowly and gradually penetrates the surface of the world. Finally, when President Xi accelerated with high heat for the collection of the essence, the Complaint Movement began with the action of taking the boiling soup out of the pot and putting it back to stop the boiling. At this time, this pot of soup, which the CCP calls the Chinese people in general, the CCP has separated from the Chinese people like oil and water.

That is why the CCP must be completely eradicated through the law, the United States and also from within the party. All of this must counter the CCP’s BGY tactics.

Starting with the premise that a righteous person must take people’s money properly. We must use this principle of justice to regulate and overthrow communism.

First, bring down the CCP from within the CCP

And those standards must be implemented by those people who have the need to destroy communism and then there are the comrades in arms. We have supporters inside and outside the firewall.

Those inside the firewall are those continentals who are unwilling to accept such a tragic fate and wake up, due to the zero-sum fighting game within the CCP system, in which defeat is certain death.

Second, take down the CCP with the United States

The United States of Americans, so there is the Constitution of the United States, which regulates the identity of Americans, their rights and obligations as human beings in a democratic and free system.

American politics is American politics, so there are Democrats and Republicans who demonstrate different worldviews and values views on American life.

They pursue personal interests in life with various attitudes and positions to realize the value of life.

A pluralistic society like the United States has mechanisms that allow such diversity. It is the reason Americans came to the United States and it is the cornerstone of the nation. At the same time, it is also the core of the CCP’s development in the current context. “He who ties the bell has to untie it himself.”

Third, bring down the CCP by law.

Regardless of any bipartisan dispute in the United States, there can only be one America de jure and one American de jure, if both parties maintain the same constitutional identity.

As no party is above the Constitution, it would not be a Republican United States, nor would it be a Democratic United States, if so, the United States of America would no longer exist in the world.

The current world order is a legal system developed in the spirit of the contract of Christian civilization.

Today, laws and events are closely related to it and date back to its origin. It is the driving force behind this system and one of the key factors that has shaped history.

Given the premise of this event and the strategy to end the CCP.

Administratively speaking, the United States has completed its policy toward the CCP during the Trump presidency.

It changes the fundamental, it denies the expectations of past governments regarding the Chinese communist regime, clearly understanding the fact that the Chinese communist regime cannot break with the transformation of communism into capitalism, it no longer believes in the possibility of its internal reform.

Under such a major policy change, it will inevitably have an impact on the field of political ecology and international relations. The trade war process between the United States and China and the CCP virus biochemical warfare allow different parties to show and play the cards they have at hand (reform or confront). Each party will use its own interest as its primary goal to bring other parties together. Each part will encounter the process of trust and betrayal (inside and outside of each part). Eventually, different parties will find their allies and settle down.

Using the above logic to analyze the 2020 United States presidential election, we can understand the reason why the presidential election has yet to reach a final result. At the end of the day, both sides will reach a general consensus, which is to ensure and consolidate the integrity of the United States. The conflicts of both parties will be compromised. Both parties will apply the art of negotiation during the communication process, which consists of using coercion to force other parties to surrender, using compensation in exchange for a compromise and a victory. The participants in this conversation are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The Communist Party of China, which is the main subject of the negotiations. The CCP is destined to pay the price for the internal wounds it has intentionally created in America.

When the United States first established diplomatic relations with the CCP, they did not expect to see the results that we have seen today. American politicians who have joined the CCP will not be able to cope with the big mistakes they made, they allowed the CCP to grow and feel for America. I am ashamed of them! These politicians cannot deny the mistake they have made. Because they will always leave traces in the places where they have walked

This internal negotiation of the United States was a review of the internal negotiations that took place 50 years ago. At that time, who convinced whom. By what method did they ensure that the CCP becomes a national system that conforms to the Western social system? So what is the result? is currently fulfilled?

The author believes that is the reason why President Trump will definitely win.

The contract that was agreed upon at that time and it was not fulfilled, so there is no continuing obligation to perform.

A well-intentioned contract becomes a binding that must swallow the bitter consequences finally. No one is stupid enough to watch it happen.

The Whistleblower movement was born on this basis and hoped that the CCP could be deprived of the Chinese people. In the looming catastrophe, to avoid inadvertently exposing a part of the Chinese who are not followers of the CCP.

The recognition of electoral votes in Congress on January 6 only shows that two parties are willing to continue negotiations within the constitutional framework and that there is a guarantee that will not divide the United States.

On January 20, the negotiation of 50 years ago, the forces that made concessions at that time will finally express their position. That will bring the CCP’s seething ambition to an end completely.

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