Chief Architect of Shandong Warship Arrested Over Corruption of Navy exposing the Real Combat Power of Aircraft Carrier

Himalaya Moscow Katysua Dongdong

On January 4, 2021, just after New Year’s Day, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) announced the disciplinary decision against Hu Wenming, the former chief architect of the “Shandong” combat ship, for violation of discipline and law [1]. In fact, as early as May 12, 2020, Hu Wenming, the former head of the CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited), has publicly fallen under the investigation, was required to report to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection at the specified time and place, the final verdict of the investigation has only now been announced. [2]

The aircraft carrier is considered to be a representative of the CCP’s national power, and Hu Wenming, as the chief designer of the domestically built aircraft carrier by the name “Shandong”,is regarded by the outside world as a bold and professional person who, in accordance with the unspoken rules within the CCP, has made a significant contribution to the cause of national defense, even if there are minor flaws, can be forgiven

In addition, Hu has “retired” in September 2019. But because Hu’s former deputy, Sun Bo, was investigated at the specified time and place in June 2018, it is rumored that he leaked confidential documents about China’s first domestic aircraft carrier to foreign intelligence[3].  Perhaps Hu is involved in Sun Bo’s case, and it is presumed that Hu Wenming’s case may also involve former Navy admiral Wu Shengli.

As we know from the cases of Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, and other senior generals of the army, the field of military industry corruption involves huge amounts of money. If the construction of the Shandong ship involves corruption, they will deliberately conceal the quality of the Chinese aircraft carrier from their superiors, even the commander-in-chief Hu Wenming can do nothing about it

In fact, in 2018, the year after Wu Shengli left his post, there were a whistleblower reports that in one carrier project, the prices of the equipment were falsified and inflated such that the extra was enough to build two more aircraft carriers. Wu Shengli cheated on the Shandong aircraft carrier project and embezzled a large amount of money

The Shandong ship, originally known as Ship 002, was found to be emitting black smoke on its initial sea trialat the end of 2017. From a military operations perspective, an adversary might be able to spot the location of the Shandong ship from high altitude without turning on the radar. In response to a reporter’s question, Hu deliberately used jargon to divert the audience’s attention and swore that the Shandong ship had a large tonnage to park many aircraft, implying that its performance has reached an internationally recognized level,in an attempt to conceal the true combat capability of the Shandong ship [4].

The Communist Party’s domestic aircraft carrier Shandong began service on December 17. Pictured is its May 2018 launch for testing. (Getty Images)

However, international military experts believe that the Chinese Communist Navy may never catch up with the United States. Compared to the USS Kennedy, the second U.S. Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which was launched for testing at the same time, the Shandong aircraft carrier, which passed through the Taiwan Strait on December 26, 2019, has been ridiculed by international media as a “paper tiger floating at sea.”[5]

For instance, the Shandong is a replica of the Russian made Liaoning aircraft carrier, with the same weaknesses. It is neither nuclear-powered nor with a device like a catapult-assisted take-off for fighter planes which has a bearing on overall combat capability. Another example is that the Shandong can only sail in the Pacific for a maximum of six days without fuel resupply. For a long-distance voyage, the Shandong would have to be equipped with a dedicated fuel supply ship. At that time, instead of attacking the Shandong directly, the opponent could simply knock out the fuel replenishment ship and the Shandong would be floating in the Pacific forever.

Seeing the big picture with the smallest leaf, the corruption in the Chinese Communist military is the most serious of any military in the world. It has been reported that the Chinese military was so corrupt during Jiang Zemin’s period that top officials even sent warships overseas to smuggle home appliances and cars into the country. Jiang Zemin, who was then also the chairman of the military commission, ordered the military to stop doing business, but the military resisted and continued to do business in disguised form.

Subordinates follow the example of their superiors. Only in June 2018 did they forcibly stop the paid service of the military, in other words, the military was stopped from doing business, which is the root cause of corruption in the military of the CCP. At the same time, the military chiefs are occupying a high position, trading for official positions for personal gain, demanding brides when available, and major defense construction projects have become an avenue for the accumulation of wealth. Time and time again, foreign media have raised questions about how strong can the corrupt party army be in combat? Is it really like what the war wolf Ministry of Foreign Affairs has claimed?

From the investigation and punishment of the chief architect of the “Shandong” warship, to the former commander-in-chief of the Navy, Wu Shengli, who deliberately raised the cost of the aircraft carrier, to the deliberate exaggeration of the combat capability of the aircraft carrier, as well as the  cases of Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, a simple conclusion has been  drawn, that there is no faith, no nation or state, only personal interests in the hearts of the Chinese Communist Party soldiers. There, the true patriots are crushed, sacrificed, and shamed, and the party and army are a rabble, with no fighting power, and a “paper tiger” that will fall at the first blow!

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