Australia asks China, again, to allow investigation of COVID-19 origin

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On 6 January 2021, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne has asked China to permit immediate access by the WHO’s team to investigate the origin of COVID-19 after their entry was previously rejected.

Marise Payne’s Statement 

“The WHO-convened scientific study is an important part of this work, and we look forward to the findings from the international field mission to China.” 

“We hope that the necessary permissions for the WHO team’s travel to China can be issued without delay.”

“During this global pandemic that has affected all countries, international co-operation and partnerships will maximise our ability to respond, and to equip us for the next pandemic.”

WHO’s team not allowed to enter China

The ten WHO members are expected to visit China at the beginning of January 2021 to research the origin of COVID-19, which broke out in late 2019, and is an important assignment. Two of these members have had their entry to China rejected.

WHO Director-General Tedros expressed his disappointment for the delay of an investigation by China.

China Punished Australia for requesting an international investigation on COVID-19

Last year, Australia headed a request for an investigation into COVID-19, formed by representatives globally. 

As retaliation, China has put import bans against Australian coal, meat, grain, wine, and fish, by using a scope of unreasonable taxes, quotas, and other administrative punishments.

Despite suggestions from the Australian government, there has been no contact between the ministers of two countries. 

Payne pointed out that Australia and other countries had consistently sought transparency concerning how the coronavirus started and reacted at the time.

China owes the world an answer: Where did the virus come from?

Although the Chinese government claimed that it supports the investigation of when, where, and how the SARS-CoV-2 infection causing COVID-19 from animal to people, it has kept using delay or misleading tactics to obstruct the fair and truthful investigation. Chinese authorities even announced that the virus had originated in another nation.

After one year of the spread of Covid-19, with over 88 million infected and 1.9 million deaths around the globe, the world needs to know how this all started in China, how the Chinese government responded, then and after, and how compensation should be sought by Chinese people and by people from other countries. 

All these demonstrate the CCP has not taken any accountability.  The Chinese government continued covering up this virus’ origin, even by blaming other countries as the virus’ source and blocking the international investigation.



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