Japanese Intelligence Verifies Genocide by the Chinese Communist Party

Translator: Yexing

Auditor / Editor : Ana

Translated From LUDE Media 12/30/2020

Lude: Japanese media reveals that the former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe has offered important intelligence to the US und the UK in order to join the Five Eyes, an intelligence alliance of five English-speaking states. Intelligence from confidential source exposed the crackdown and genocide on Uighur in Xinjiang by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We have talked about this in previous videos. As we know, Japanese Intelligence agency has very powerful intelligence services in Asia, which is even beyond the US and the UK. Our previous intelligence is verified by the Japanese intelligence agency.

Lude: The evil of the CCP is sometimes beyond the imagination of western countries’ people. Firstly, due to the similar history of despotic dictatorship and the similar Confucianism culture background in East Asia, the extent of the CCP’s evilness is understandable for Japanese. Secondly, as Dr. Mo (one guest in the LUDE Media) pointed out, in the analysis of the obtained intelligence, Japanese has much better advantage on language than the Americans and the British. Because Chinese writing characters are commonly found in Japanese languages’ writting. The capability of the US and the UK for obtaining intelligence is absolutely the number one. However, their weak point is to find the key clues from a huge amount of information. More importantly, here the cameras play a significant role. Although the chips (which are used in China) come from the US, but all the other picturing elements are produced in Japan. ( It is everywhere with huge numbers of cameras in Xinjiang , in China. So it’s impossible for the CCP to cover up the truth of the concentration camp in Xinjiang. )

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/729847/

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