Impact of the EU-China Investment Treaty


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After seven years of talks, the E.U. has secured one of its top priorities in relations with China: an investment agreement that Brussels insists will resolve European companies’ longstanding problems.

But the agreement is likely to be controversial amongst human rights advocates, given the allegations of abuses in China.


The European Union is accused of ignoring human rights and focusing only on economic interests as it rushes to reach the investment agreement with China before the end of 2020.

Trump’s deputy national security adviser issued a statement saying, “Leaders in both U.S. political parties and across the U.S. government are perplexed and stunned that the E.U. is moving towards a new investment treaty right on the eve of a new U.S. administration”, strongly indicating potential damage to U.S.-European relations.

This is undoubtedly a major political weapon that CCP uses to confront the U.S. Beijing has succeeded through the deal in putting a wedge between the U.S. and Europe.

The CCP’s commercial domination of the world is built on a Nazi-style organization, which involves an unlimited supply of cheap labor, many years of intellectual property theft, and a protectionist strategy to control foreign ownership by forcing Western companies to transfer their technology. They now dictate terms with the E.U. while rapidly expanding their influence outside of Asia. It is hard to imagine that the E.U. will conduct business with CCP’s regime under a fair deal.

The agreement looks good on paper, but will China abide by it? CCP China’s record on breaking WTO rules and the U.S. trade deal with the Trump administration show that what they say and what they do are two very different things.

One E.U. official said that there is still time to have the deal rectified and approved by the European Parliament in 2022 or later. So let us observe how this treaty will affect the world’s political and economic structure.

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