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In Beijing, the imperial capital of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Xiangtang Village is in a state of war, the bandits of demolition office are armed to the teeth, and the owners are crying out for help but are helpless. The Chinese Communist Party has never been soft in dealing with the unarmed people and has won many battles.

Today there was a dramatic scene at the site: the quadrangle mansion of Fan Zeng, the master of national study and the famous imperial painter, was also demolished. Some netizens gleefully uploaded a video of the excavator demolishing the roof of Fan’s great painter’s house. For a while, it had the amazing effect of bridging the estranged circle of friends. The circle of friends that had been torn apart by the U.S. election suddenly appeared to be reunited. Everyone’s celebration of Fan Zeng’s house being torn down by the CCP comes from the plain dislike of his various actions as a person. Deceitful division and knee-jerk without any restrain, disregard to the ancestors are the main reasons why this artist was scorned.

Fan Zeng has been disdained for a long time, and his classic vices include: torturing his own teachers during the Cultural Revolution; using his students to make money after he became famous; usually chanting the psalms of the dictatorial government; and never speaking up for the underprivileged. These accusations are not baseless, Master Fan once said frankly: other people’s business is none of my business, just mind your own business.

Master Fan’s eyes see through a filter lenses, see all the brilliant, prosperous world. I wonder if the moment when his courtyard was bulldozed to the ground and his grand mansion turned into rubble, Master Fan still could smack his lips: spending his life to paint the red flag with blood, but finally crushed by the excavator. This prosperous world, as he wished! Mr. Fan Zeng may understand finally: the iron fist of socialism is indiscriminate; not because you are an ass kisser will it stop for you in mid-air and spare you from being smashed.

Not long ago, at a certain literary symposium, Master Fan pushed his kissing work to the extreme and write a poem to praise, “…wonderful brush and dye striking with hands, wielding the whip as lightening and expedite to utopia”. The master really has the foresight ah, since there is an Utopia, why bother living in the Xiangtang Village! Tear it down as well!

The emotion of netizens to the event is rather complex, although most of them are disgusted with Fan Zeng’s usual behavior, but there also are some poking fun at him, and some envious of his prosperity. However, from the view of rule of law, such a perception is tragic.

The law should protect both the good people in the sense of social recognition and the treacherous people in the mouth of the public. The law should neither deny him the right of holding a house because of his poor character, and nor assert it deserves to be demolished because of his snobby demeanor. This is precisely the embodiment of lacking a proper legal system in China.

A person is good or bad cannot be judged from legal perspective, but can only be judged from the moral perspective. In a morally bankrupted society, it is normal for people like Fan Zeng to prosper. And “good people have no good reward while bad people enjoy the glory” is just a tragedy of our society.

What’s more disturbing is that the twin brothers, the coronavirus and the vaccine, seem to have started a race to the bottom. Just as the vaccine was announced to start distribution on the one side, the virus has mutated on the other. It seemed like what I saw was a tragedy unfolding ……

The mutated virus travels eerily, coming from nowhere, first burst in the United Kingdom, with an unstoppable momentum sweeping in. As early as 11 months ago, the Lude media issued a warning to the world based on Dr. Yan’s exposé, that this virus is strongly inclined to mutate, the speed of vaccine development simply cannot exceed the speed of virus mutation, although the voice of justice cannot wake up the sleeping public, but Mr. Miles Guo, Lude media, Dr. Li meng Yan and the exposé revolutionary warriors repeatedly, issued warnings, and also saved countless lives, so that, The whole world’s situation has changed.

The events of the past few days have been rather bizarre. On the one hand, vaccines are advancing globally as if they were being chased by some force, and yet, as the number of users increases, a myriad of side effects are showing up. Some U.S. doctors warned today that the vaccine may contain lipid nanoparticle technology, a synthetic technology that may modifies genes, and that they advise against vaccinating until it has been investigated. On the other hand, some dignitaries are vaccinating live for the cameras. It is unknown how much of the politician’s behavior is still convincing to the populous given the context of election fraud.

Simultaneously with the launch of the vaccine, hydroxychloroquine was lifted from the bans of some medical institutions in the United States. Imagine if the ban on hydroxychloroquine had been lifted before the vaccine, how much of a market would remain for the vaccine?


What is even more bizarre is that the lifting of the ban on hydroxychloroquine was accompanied by a major incident: a major explosion at the world’s second largest hydroxychloroquine API production site in Taiwan which resulted in five warehouses storing the API being reduced to rubble, which means that even after the ban was lifted, hydroxychloroquine may become a scarce resource for a period of time, forcing people having to opt for vaccination.

It takes time to rebuild a pharmaceutical plant, and it also takes time to produce API. When the normal supply of hydroxychloroquine is restored, I am afraid that all the mice in the world would have received a round of vaccination, and by then, who is hiding in whose dreams to cash in the big money? It’s easy to guess, isn’t it?

The vaccine of the Chinese Communist Party also fully reflects the superiority of “inner circle”. A unit in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, issued <<an emergency notice on enrollment of vaccination for key populations against the new coronavirus>>, and asked employees to enroll for the vaccination on a voluntary, free basis. But no one volunteered. In other words, no one would like to try it even for free. 

The notorious fame of the vaccines of the Chinese Communist Party are already synonymous with “poisoning”, and there have been many cases of people who have been vaccinated, and later being contracted after leaving the country. Anyone with a little medical knowledge knows the level of research and development of the Chinese Communist Party. The fact that the next of kin of the CCP are not even willing to try it for free is a real disgrace to the party matriarch. 

For the “outsider” leeks, the party matriarch is ruthless, the city of Chengdu informed the stores, that they need to pay for vaccination, two doses per person for a total of 480 yuan. If you do not accept, you may be forced to close the store. Some netizens said they would rather close the store than try it.

The words of the deputy director of the CCHS readily cleared any doubts, saying that it is important to continue to maintain personal protection measures after vaccination, which is for better safety. When asked how long term the vaccine is effective, the deputy director said: more than six months.

Who dares anyone to have such a vaccine? The money grabbing target of the Chinese communist state has moved down so low and eaten so voraciously that even the small shrimps in the mud pond are not spared anymore. Through this epidemic, testing, quarantine, vaccines, and all kinds of sales with goods promotion, it has served to boost GDP. Next, there will be more people catching messy diseases from vaccination, which is contributing to the medical and health care of the CCP with their lives!

Viruses, vaccines, more like a round of harvesting the world’s citizens in a robbery, please follow Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement, follow the Lude media and strive to get first-hand information and spread it to relatives and friends around you. In short, before everything is clear, please cherish your life and stay away from vaccines!

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