CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP337(JAN 07)

Trump: We go all over the world telling people how to run their elections, and we don’t even know how to run ours.

Communist China must not get away with covering up the origins of COVID-19.

President Trump signed an executive order banning transactions with eight Chinese software

The US Dept of State tweeted: Over 50 of our partners—representing over 2/3 of the world’s GDP—have joined the Clean Network as Clean Countries. They have rejected telcos beholden to the CCP and instead will work with trusted 5G vendors.

The City of Shijiazhuang ratcheted up restrictions as the CCP virus outbreak worsened. Communities and villages were allowed to have only one entrance/exit.

A woman recorded the process of quarantine. She was carried by a mortuary vehicle to a prison-like quarantine site that did not provide hot water.

In the CCP’s slaughterhouse-like political system, even police officers could not protect their personal properties.

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