Patriots Must Not be Defeatist in the Middle of War with the Evil CCP

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With traitors all around us this morning – McConnell, Pence, Loeffler, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, etc. – we can feel that Patriots are dejected and disappointment. We hear even patriot Republicans being careful about what they say because of the violence at the US House of Representatives yesterday. Even some members of the War-Room were more despondent than usual.

The Constitutional debate which was supposed to take place in the House and Senate about the objections to the fraudulent electors sent from the swings States was cancelled. Why cancel a crucial debate about a potentially stolen election because of some violence at the Capitol? This is not to say that the violence is not important, but it does not justify cancelling the debate. Why are Patriots so meekly giving in to the events of last night? How can we justify laying down arms in the middle of a battle at the beginning of a War? You react like this only if you do not realize that you are in a War, or if you are so soft and accustomed to being polite that you have lost your ability to suffer the pain and fatigue of War. If your psyche is so easily defeated then you do not stand a chance against the CCP who is so clearly your protagonist. Idealism is a good thing but only if it is supported by impermeable strength, resolve, and worldly skepticism.

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Americans must realize that we are in a War. The Whistleblower Movement has been trying to explain this to Americans for a long time. This is a War of infiltration, and weakening, of America by the CCP and their complicit forces in the American homeland. The CCP is extremely skilled at using subversive strategies to weaken the Institutions and Morale and psychology of America. They have been at it for decades – some would say they have been training for subversion and deceit for thousands of years.

It is not confirmed, but highly likely that the violence that took place at the Capitol on January 6th was at least planned and instigated by CCP directed individuals. Look at the evidence that is emerging already. Capitol police were ridiculous undermanned for the protests that were expected for the 6th. Why? Police initially set up barriers to control the crowd from approaching the House of Representatives. Video shows that the barriers were removed and a small number of protesters were waved through to approach right up to the steps of the Capitol building. Why? Face recognition video has now allegedly shown that a number of the people who entered the House of Representatives are Antifa members. Why? Intelligent people know exactly why. We have seen this ever since the CCP-virus pandemic began. We have seen the organized nature of BLM and Antifa sowing violence and discord among Americans. Do you think this is an accident?

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What we have to realize is that the violence was orchestrated. The CCP is highly skilled at stirring up trouble and playing off the “good nature” of naïve Westerners. They have known for decades that the way to defeat the US was never going to be to antagonize them with a kinetic War (although they have been preparing for this too) but rather to destroy them through economic and financial War, through infiltration and by using the free and open Institutions of America to their advantage. The vote fraud which was so pervasive – please read the two Peter Navarro reports [1] for more information about this – is proof of how successful the CCP has been.

My purpose in writing this is to say that now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to be meek. Now is not the time to give in to the “noble” instincts of Americans to want to “get along” with their Democratic brethren who have knowingly subverted the democratic process with the support of the CCP. Now is the time to be strong. Time to reject the CCP infiltration. Time to fight back against those who have suborned their patriotic duty to base instincts of profit and power promised by their CCP handlers. This is not a time for dejection or loss of spirit. This is a time to redouble your efforts to fight back.

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Most of all it is a time to combine forces with those who understand the CCP and their strategies. Those who have been warning you for years that the CCP was motivated and preparing for exactly this kind of a coup in the American homeland. This is the Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo. The patriots of the Whistleblower Movement will keep standing together with Americans, sharing the strategies and intelligence of how to defeat this most cunning and unscrupulous enemy – the CCP.

This invasion of America can be defeated and the Patriot forces of America can join force with their allies – the righteous and faithful forces of the world.

[1] Peter Navarro, “The Immaculate deception” and “The Art of the Steal”

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