Pompeo Urges Hong Kong Democrats To Consider Sanctions Against Those Who Involved in Arrests

Translator / Editor : Ana

Auditor: Lorenzo

U.S. Secretary of State Mr. Pompeo said that he was outraged by the arrest of 53 pro-democracy activists by the Hong Kong police. The United States is considering imposing sanctions and other restrictions on persons and entities involved in arrests. It is also exploring imposing restrictions on Hong Kong’s economic and trade offices in the United States. Restrictions and additional immediate actions against officials who weaken Hong Kong’s democracy. 

He also said that he was shocked that the arrested persons included a US citizen and emphasized that the US does not tolerate arbitrary detention or harassment of US citizens. 

Mr. Pompeo issued a statement criticizing the arrests to make people realize once again that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) despise the people and rule of the law, urging them to be released immediately and unconditionally. He also said that Hong Kong people are being oppressed by the CCP, and the United States will not stand idly by. 

In addition, Mr. Pompeo said that Kraft who is the US ambassador to the United Nations, will visit Taiwan, describing Taiwan as a reliable partner and a dynamic democracy.

Reference: https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/ch/component/k2/1569145-20210107.htm

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