War Room: Pandemic Ep 637 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

Breaking news: Zuckerberg says Facebook and Instagram are blocking President Trump from using their services indefinitely. 

They want to break you, try to break your spirit, they’re trying to get you to quit. They want you to be depress. I’m long MAGA. I’m long this audience because we know you’re summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. 

Started with short prayer from Pastor Aubrey Shines, of the Church of Glory to Glory Ministries: 

God of heaven of creation, God of our fathers of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who gave us responsibility. You set watchmen on the wall and many of these men like our vice President, senators have advocated their responsibility. They have left our nation vulnerable to the socialist and communist dictates, countries like China, but you are yet our keeper.

We pray for our President Donald J. Trump, his family, that you would sustain them, the man that you are deigned and raised to do a great work and a great job. God help him as those would come against him, to mock him, to laugh at him. Let him know that he should be encouraged, that there are millions of us.

Now unite our hearts and unite our minds as we seek to do your Will and preserve this great constitutional republic and will give your name all the honor, glory and Praise. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen!

Rabbi Area Spero, President, Conference of Jewish Affairs&Author, Push Back:

Throughout history Has sought God. Once again, almighty, this time with a great heartache and with anxiety anxiousness regarding our future and ask that our constitutional way of life, the values of our heritage and of course liberty that should be proclaimed throughout the land. And that you shall infuse as you have so many times, your spirit among the people of this country, so that even in our greatest moments of disagreement, legitimate disagreement, we shall remain as United States. We shall be a land of peace, prosperity and blessings.

Nation is being tested once again. We know that through your guidance our belief in your transcendence at rest among us, that we will once again move forward and be a shining city on the hill. And we asked in your name and for your glory. Amen!

John Eastman, Attorney for the 2020 Trump Campaign:

Article 2 of the constitution Section one clause 2 makes unambiguously clear that the power to determine the manner of selecting presidential electors is vested in the legislature of the state. So they do that by passing statutes on how elections to choose electors are going to be conducted. A lot of those statutes have real significant restrictions on absentee voting because we know that method of voting is ripped for fraud.

What happened in Congress doesn’t make any difference to continue the course. Let me be very clear, anybody that violated the federal police line ought to be arrested, we ought to get to the bottom of that, but it does not alter the fact that state legislative officials violated their state law and conducting an illegal election in violation of article two of the federal constitution.

We’re just gonna count all the illegal certificates without anybody actually looking at evidence about whether those illegalities all through the effects of the election, that’s what I’m having trouble with and giving us that time. All Mike Pence was asked to do is to put the thing on hold a little bit to let this investigation and assessment run its course, that’s all that the vice President was being asked to allow it to happen.

In his letter vice President Pence writes: we have serious allegations of voting irregularities and we have numerous instances of officials setting aside state law that calls into question the validity of those certificates.

Talk about undermining our democratic process, it’s by one side refusing to play by the rules that are set out by the constitutional branch that is allowed to set those rules and then claiming we were not allowed to question that. That was the purpose of the objection.

Nothing happened yesterday changed that, but it’s OK to violate the statutory requirement. No more debate in two hours, no debate whatsoever after the vote is taken and immediately back into joint session. And in the joint session, no motions other than the objection, all of those things were violated. The purpose is to stop showing overwhelming evidence of the fraud. They didn’t want to look at which was violated.

I think we can get beyond the particular election and look at what happened here, and if we don’t then we’re abdicating our responsibility of citizens, it seems to me to ensure that the government is chosen in a manner we set out and therefore that we the Sovereign. People still have control of its direction.

Steve Cortes, Salem Radio Host: when Kelly Loeffler was very new in the senate on January 24 2020, she got briefing from Dr. Fauci and other top officials of the United States government health authorities primarily about just how serious this coronavirus situation was in China by then when no American official were briefed. What did Kelly do? Literally went and sold millions and millions of dollars of stock over the next several weeks! Her husband is the Chairman of the NYSE connecting US to China, the NYSE along with a lot of its member firms on Wall Street has been instrumental, unfortunately in financing the Chinese Communist Party.

The point is we are at early days of this American nationalist movement, we have to believe that. I know things are hard right now for all of us, but a crucial path forward for the movement as we need really serious criteria. We need recruit serious candidates, they need to have number one courage, number two intellect, and then number three skills and we need to start recruit and train peoples meet those three criteria so we cannot dance with the devil, we cannot try to prop up somebody like Kelly Loeffler, who’s soon as things get difficult is going to betray us. 

So many people overnight go “I’m just through with voting, there’s no institutions that are faithful, we get back stabbed all the time, I’m just going to give up”. I understand your frustration. But as Cuban immigration said America is the last stop for freedom so we have nowhere to go. Tempting is so great so transformational for this country, but we have to continue to fight.

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