[G Times] Seven Members of the Global Standing Committee Aim to Enslave the World Through the Great Reset

Author: Giselle
Translator: Ping
Copyediting: Janyvo

[G Times] Link: https://www.gtv.org/video/id=5ff444e2f579a75e0bc5195c 

The term “Seven members of the Global Standing Committee” does not refer to any particular individual, but a new global model of joint dictatorship governance, aiming to use the “Great Reset” to accomplish their goal of world domination. Just like the seven members of the Standing Committee of the China’s Communist Party (CCP) who have been collectively enslaving 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Those who have been most active in supporting Biden’s team in concealing the massive fraud in the US election, covering up the truth about the real nature and the origin of the virus, whilst aggressively pushing for nationwide lock-downs during the current bio-war, are clearly the countries and organizations that are the key participants in the “Great Reset”.  

“Seven members of the Global Standing Committee” or “Nine-Dragon-water-governing”

  1.  Communist China

The origin of the virus, with 1.4 billion of exploited Laobaixing, the debt reset has already begun.   China’s P2P related funds of RMB 800 will soon perish to dust, 50 million Laobaixing will be stripped out of their life-time savings.  

The digital currency, Electronic ID card, and a series of vaccine mandate programs are all underway, there is no doubt that China will be the great “role model” in leading the “Great Reset” agenda.

2. United Kingdom

Prince Charles is the mastermind of the Great Reset, making the UK the first Western country to embrace a universal vaccination programme.  His brother Prince Andrew was a regular VIP guest to Epstein’s sex island.

3. US Biden’s Team

The US is the home to all the lifetime swamp creatures, traitors, and headquarters to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and White Left-extremists.

It has actively been collaborating with the CCP, using Wall Street and public listed Chinese companies as a means to reap world’s capitals for self-enrichment, building firewalls in the US by abusing the legal protection offered under section 230, controlling public opinions and persistently undermining democracy, freedom and the rule of law in the US.  It is also the main accomplice of the CCP’s Great Firewall in terms of high-tech support.

4.  Germany

Since 2005, Angela Merkel, who carries dictatorial genes has been Chancellor for four consecutive terms, a total of 15 years through rigged elections.  Her insidious refugee programme in the name of humanity, in fact was a platform to infiltrate, disrupt, weaken and ultimately destroy Germany from within.  

5.  Canada

The Trudeau government has been secretly training the CCP military officers at Canadian military schools and army bases.  The Trudeau government also imposed very strict lockdown orders, and meanwhile arrests are being made everywhere in enforcing tightened lockdowns.

6.  Australia

The state of Victoria, as the pilot city for the “Great Reset” was closed for more than six months last year.  During that period, numerous anti-lockdown rallies, and demonstrations took place where violence broke out as a result of clashes between police and protestors, and many were arrested in a heavy-handed manner.

Victoria accounted for 810 of the COVID deaths out of a total death-toll of 909 recorded in Australia.  What’s the point of imposing lock-downs then when it only led to more deaths compared to open states.  Since the lockdowns were clearly not effective, then what is the real purpose for the government to impose such measures one may ask?

7.  France

French President Macron, is known as the “President who takes the knee”.  He worked as an investment banker at Rothschild Bank before becoming a politician.  He was in charge of the high-profile acquisition deal between Nestlé and Pfizer in 2010.  So what’s next shall be no surprise to anyone.

Macron is a strong supporter of the Pfizer vaccine, and his administration has already rolled out a nationwide COVID vaccination program on 27 December last year.

The above seven countries have been most aggressive in implementing lockdowns across the country.  If the Vatican and Russia are added to the list, that would be the CCP’s ruling model of “Nine-Dragon-water-governing”.

The Great Reset’s past and present

With unchecked power, infinite wealth, and 1.4 billion people that can be harvested at will. communism has achieved unprecedented success in Communist China.   In addition, the unlimited supply of the freshest organs to match anyone’s need; the offering of children of all ages from the extensive Red-Yellow-Blue kindergartens network (trading in NYSE: RYB) to satisfy the ever growing satanic appetite of all the pedophiles,  and countless sex islands across China, are sheer paradise for child sex abusers, such demonic indulgence in extravagance, drugs, arms and violence cannot be more alluring to those wicked powerful egoists. This is the dark background to the globalists’ Great Reset agenda.

On 4 January, ZeroHedge reported that the European Union is at risk of becoming a slave of the Chinese communist state. Clinton, a key pawn in the Great Reset, was elected on 20 January 1993, the EU was established on 1 November 1993, and the EU Treaty also came into force in 1993.

The EU is just a microcosm of communist delusions of power grab by the international governance.

The chain of its development is as follows:

Since communism had proven to be such a success in the Communist China to the top ruling class, a Trojan horse was needed if the same dictatorship in economic and social governance was to be extended to the world. Thus, the concept of global unity, equality, prosperity, global village and globalisation was put forward, and the Great Reset project was quietly set off by the Trojan horse in the name of “globalisation”.

The birth of the European Union created a “local area network” for the concept of globalisation, a platform for the export of money, logistics, talent and ideology. This is the main reason why Europe was the first to fall under this great reset plan.

The main objective of the Great Reset is to take down the United States, the beacon of democracy to the world, also in effect, the greatest stumbling block to worldwide communist domination.

A free and independent media is one of the cornerstones of a democratic society.   Prior to 1983, there was free press in the U.S. by and large.  One never had to fear for personal safety when reporting on scandals involving politicians.  Although murders did occur, such was extremely rare and never committed in broad daylight or in plain sight. But since 1983, the extent of free press in the U.S. was gradually curtailed.

Through endless rounds of mergers and restructuring over a period of ten year, by 1983, the media sector became monopolized and lost its independence. The US media for its supervisory function, serves as the fourth branch of the government besides Judiciary, Executive, Legislature began to fall.  As the media started to silence the public voice and control public opinion, the Global Reset’s first step towards taking down American people’s democracy, freedom and the rule of law was accomplished.

In 1993, after the US media and the “outspoken-writers” were effectively controlled, the time was ripe to put Clinton in charge of the White House and the globalisation agenda was officially launched.  Then in the 24 years that followed and under the three consecutive pro-communist US presidents’ leadership, the US unconditionally opened its doors to communist China through free exchange of culture, trade and academic programme, allowing its enemy, to slowly slithered in like a communist-virus invading, eroding and infiltrating all aspects of the US society from within.

Even though the Great Reset has taken the media, the 4th source of power, from the public, the American people still have their 5th source of power, the guns, that is, all law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms.   So most peculiarly, there would always be a series of small-scale school shootings and church shootings occurring from time to time, throwing the question of whether citizens should own firearms into heated public debates.  The mainstream press coverage across the nation unsurprisingly was consistently in favour of gun ban. As if by supporting the gun ownership, you would be supoorting violence and murder.

Fortunately, the majority of American people stayed vigilant on the gun-control topic knowing “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”, so in the end the 5th power was not subverted to the opportunistic power.   Nonetheless, it is also because the conspiracy of the “Seven members of the Global Standing Committee” to enslave the world was fully exposed before the insidious forces participating in the Great Reset had enough time to implement their current agenda in abolishing gun ownership in the states.

(The content of this article represents the personal views of the author)

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