Interview Record for Dr. Limeng Yan -Summary of Lude Media Show on Dec 31, 2020

Dictation and Translation:Himalaya CT Pangu –Feiyi

Proof-reading:Himalaya CT Pangu –LemonGTV

Editor: Truemanman

Lude:Welcome Dr. Limeng Yan to our live broadcast. Each of us can ask Dr. Yan one question. Last year, on December 31st, Dr. Yan sent me private messages through Twitter for the first time. I didn’t notice that then. Many peoples are concerned about why you were sending me private messages. Although you explained it on Mr. Bannon’s War Room Pandemic, it’s impossible to tell the details due to the time limit of the show. You can speak more clearly in Mandarin now. My question is why you sent me the private messages that day? And then each Doctor can have one question for Dr. Yan. All right, Dr. Yan, please!

Dr. Yan: Dear Mr. Lude, dear guests, dear friends, happy New Year! I felt that Mr. Lude had put me on the spot and started the question directly. Well, let’s start with December 31st last year. Today on War Room, Mr. Bannon asked me to talk about the scene where I was conducting a secret investigation on December 31 last year. I just described it briefly. Doctor Li Wenliang’s Wechat messages were sent out on December 30th and he and I were in the same network and we had friends in common. Therefore, on the morning of December 31 Beijing time, many people in our medical network received WeChat screenshots of Mr. Li Wenliang’s messages, including his report and others, which made sense to us in the medical community at a glance. And add in some other things that we had heard privately, Doctor Li’s messages were double confirmed. The people who cared most about this were those on the front line. So they went and asked the doctors in Wuhan how serious the situation was. However, although the news just came out for half a day or so, the Communist Party of China propagandized through the official media: one should not panic for the virus from Wuhan it is not a big deal, it will not spread from person to person, and no one will get sick. They wished the rumors would disappear gradually.

In fact, Doctors in Wuhan were very nervous. We asked them how they were doing through WeChat and whether they needed to wear a mask or something like that. Wuhan doctors only sentusan emoji picture of “wearing a mask”. And then we understood, oh, they needed to wear a mask, they had to shut up, and they had to stop talking about it. A‘s’ colleague even sent us a governmental notice through the WeChat group, which meant that it was none of our business and we got to leave it alone. But at the same time, the Hong Kong government, the WORLD Health Organization certainly paid attention to this news more than the issue of wearing masks or not. It was about noon when my mentor Leo Peng called me into his office and said to me alone, “How much do you know about this new pneumonia? I want you to look into what’s going on in Wuhan through your network, and I want to know more about that myself.” I wondered why I was the one who is fit to do such a thing.

As you can see, Leo Peng was a special consultant for the Hong Kong government, and as the special lab for WHO, we had senior WHO consultants like Malik and Leo in the core team. If they asked in person, it would be easier than I did, and people would be more willing to cooperate. Leo Peng solemnly told me, “We have to keep this as a secret. It should be investigated in private and no one should know about it. The China mainland is blocking the news, and neither the Hong Kong government nor the WHO can get a definitive answer right now because the Communist party’s release of information is very limited. Everyone wants to know if this is a SARS-like thing and how serious it is.”

And I said “Ok.” and went to my network to do some investigation. People replied quickly. Of course, after all, there were plenty of people, and I was on behalf of the WHO to ask questions. So everyone was willing to talk about it, and at that time, China’s censorship was not that strict. But later, they were super alert and monitored people when they spoke a little more, especially after my first Whistleblowing through Lude Media on Jan 19th, 2019. At that time, we either talked through one on one WeChat or in the WeChat group, and we were able to communicate more or less. It was relatively convenient for me to collect information there. So once I collected all the information including WeChat records, the phone calls, and so on, I submitted them to LEO in person. After all, this was a secret.

LEO looked very serious. Of course, I didn’t expect it to be so dark in the science community at that time. I also simply believed that China had been blocking information so that the outside world didn’t know about the truth. Now that we knew that Wuhan was full of diagnosed patients and the symptoms were more than that mild. Especially after I talked to Leo about this matter, I thought that the Hong Kong government, the WHO would exert a little pressure on the Chinese government. Leo also told me that Hong Kong experts were not allowed to go to the mainland to inquire about these situations. After I finished with him, that night, I wanted to remind people online, like what Mr. Li Wenliang did.


After all, the information was only spread within the medical community at the time. So after double-checking, I signed up for a Twitter account. I had never been on Twitter before. I did nothing after I signed up but added Mr. Lude only. I thought about it for a moment, Mr. Guo (Miles Guo) would be too busy to check my messages, just as I mentioned before. Instead, I could send it to Lude so that he could remind everyone in his live broadcast. In that case, if people, especially ones in China mainland received the messages, they could do something for self-protection. So I sent a private message to Mr. Lude, briefly mentioned that I came from a lab that specialized in virus, and let him know that I was a professional.

At the same time, I told him that the virus was not less serious as the government had claimed; instead, people should pay attention to that and do some self-protection work. The virus was infectious and it should be a SARS-like one. I didn’t say much else at the time but gave Mr. Lude some simple information so that he could warn people to do some self-protection work in public. But Mr. Lude didn’t notice the message then, and I got no feedback. I thought that, since the WHO had known about this and the Hong Kong government also had channels to say something about that, all this pressure should have improved the situation in Wuhan anyway. I was still relatively optimistic because it was a big deal after all. So I just kept doing what I had to do, continued doing my research, and some other work.

Ms. Ally: I’ve been listening very carefully. It’s very amazing. So you started the investigation on December 31st, and you had got a lot of information then, right?

Dr. Yan: I had part of the information in my hands then. At that time, I just had some information confirmed by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but I didn’t receive a lot of information from other channels. I’ve done the investigations twice, one was from December 31st to early January, the other was from mid-January to January 19th, the very day that the first Whistleblowing about the virus was done in Lude Media. So the information I offered to Lude on December 31st was just from the very beginning of my first-phase investigation.

Ms. Ally: I wonder how you were so sure of an outbreak in more than ten days between December 31st and January 16th in 2019. Could you tell us something about it? Because it has been completely proven that this is a super virus and a pandemic this year. How did you figure out the bad situation and have to speak out, and have to teach Lude the knowledge about the virus then? 

Dr. Yan: Ah, OK. Part of this involves intelligence and I’m going to leave it alone. Let me just say what I can say. It’s a question that people care about, that is why I said on January 19 that there was going to be an outbreak. There would be an outbreak on the premise that, if the Communist Party didn’t open up the investigation and make it transparent, it would lead to a big outbreak. n fact, through my two investigations, I communicated with various channels in China including doctors of various specialties, CDC at various levels, some relevant personnel, and some laboratories, I have learned that the Communist Party of China had suppressed this information by December 31, and what Dr. Li Wenliang said was true.

More importantly, this situation was not as simple as what Li Wenliang exposed. As a doctor, Li Wenliang was able to remind his colleagues and family members in that way only. Moreover, under the pressure of the Communist Party of China, people could not say whatever they wanted. Under the rule of the CCP, people knew what Li Wenliang’s messages represented, and as a doctor, he certainly knew the meaning behind it. In more than ten days, I saw that the Hong Kong government, the world health organization, and the foreign media all wanted to know more about the situation badly. However, they couldn’t get any real information. Or even they got something, their words were clamped down right away. Under the despotic power of the CCP, they were afraid to say anything true. Of course, soon it was converted into the nature of the cooperation with the CCP. A lot of people like Leo asked me to look into it. At first, I thought Leo was worried about this matter and he wanted to make a fair and open evaluation. But gradually, whether under pressure or temptation, he turned to keep silent.

By the time I stepped in again in Mid-January, many of the issues were clear. Through what happened during the half-month and later, I could tell that the CCP did not admit the true number of cases, and then never admitted human-to-human transmission. And the CCP was doing something in the aspects of forging, changing sequence, covering up that the virus came from Zhoushan bats with a military background. In my professional opinion, what they did was very obvious. There were far exceeded the 1,700 cases in Wuhan as the BBC had predicted at the time. You think about it, the virus was very infectious, people including the doctors were panic, the wards that were so different from the respiratory ones accommodated so many non-specific symptom patients who could not get a definite diagnosis.

Afterward, the government passed the buck t to the Wuhan local epidemic prevention system. Things were not like that, the latter had reported to the higher-level government by the end of December. But the government suppressed this with their propaganda machines. It was impossible that they didn’t know what had happened then. It spread so fast in that case, so many people delayed treatment, even with some nonspecific symptoms far from respiratory ones. You should think about that, the SARS – 2 is a respiratory virus, it must be reflected in the symptoms of cough, high fever, and something associated with respiratory symptoms like pneumonia. Even in the absence of these typical symptoms and other screening agents had been ruled out, the patients were already present in the common wards of small hospitals, and the doctors and nurses started to be very alarmed. You judged the situation, and you knew what the situation was.

Moreover, from the end of December to early January, the Communist Party had already known that there was an outbreak of human-to-human transmission, and they still suppressed the information. So you can imagine, as we call it, the R0 index, it was going up geometrically.As a single-stranded RA virus, SARS-2 must have a relatively strong mutation ability.Then in Wuhan, the largest traffic hub city in the world, such an outbreak should have been contained from the beginning, but it was not taken seriously, and was covered up and concealed. It was conceivable that the situation wouldbe getting worse when the Spring Festival travel rush started.When the data came out, including later in the United States, people were able to figure out, even if they weren’t experts, how serious it was.

So I contacted Lude, the most important thing I said, be sure to let the Lude Media’s audience in mainland China and abroad, including the officials in the Zhongnanhai and the foreign government authorities, put pressure on the CCP telling them that we’ve already known what it was, and we’ve already known what they wanted to hide. By such pressure, we could force the CCP to allow people to do investigations, stop covering up the truth, release the number of confirmed cases, give those patients diagnosis and treatment, and protect medical personnel, so that we could prevent more infection. By acting like this, I felt there was a glimmer of hope that the epidemic could be brought under control; otherwise, once the Spring Festival travel rush starts on January 10th, it would be hard to imagine what will happen next. So that was my reason for making that judgment at the time, I wonder if Ms. Ally could understand that?

Ms. Ally: Wow, that’s so clear. It’s really…Thank you very much! I think that’s very well said!

Lude: Yes, in fact, if we watch the program at that time, the main purpose of Dr. Yan’s messages was to let the Communist Party of China tell the truth of the epidemic but do not hide it, because the next the Spring Festival travel rush was coming.

Dr. Yan: It had already come. It had been the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush then.

Lude: Yes, it was the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush, and the Spring Festival holiday was about to start, wasn’t it?

Ms. Ally: Yes, I remember Lude saying that he hoped that international organizations, including the WHO, would put pressure on the Chinese government to be transparent. Otherwise, the harm would be unimaginable.

Lude: But I didn’t realize that this virus had brought out a whole series of alligators in the SWAMP in the United States, including science, academia, and the WHO. And because of this CCP virus and Dr. Yan’s revelations, President Trump made a final decision to let the US leave the WHO.Dr. Guan, do you have any questions for Dr. Yan?

Dr.Guan: Hello, Dr. Yan! I would like to ask you a question. At that time, the genome sequence was not available yet. Did you have a preliminary judgment on the origin of the virus at that time?

Dr. Yan: To be honest, I didn’t think that much at that time. Firstly, I just wanted to let everyone know that the Communist Party didn’t want you to notice such a thing. But in fact, What Dr. Li Wenliang said was true. The CCP began to stop Dr. Li Wenliang and his colleagues from Whistleblowing on December 31, and also stopped local doctors from talking about this matter. My first-hand information was limited at that time, so I also needed to double-check from multiple sources. Secondly, I just wanted to tell everyone to pay attention, it was like the flu season came back, but that season was a little bit more intense. So as a doctor, as a scientist, you just wanted to remind people, right? Especially in that situation, I would like to remind the audience, do not listen to the CCP, do not listen to the nonsenses like we have nothing to do here. Let’s keep everyone on their toes, even if it was a new variant of the flu, assuming it was more contagious, and the government wanted to cover it up, you had to pay attention to yourself and took precautions until more data came out, and there was nothing wrong with that, right? I was in that mindset.

And at the same time, I didn’t think that WHO would surprise me so much, especially since I worked with Malik and Leo for five years, and I learned a lot from them. To be fair, Leo is more comfortable than the professors and seniors I met in mainland China. He had received British education after all, and he was also willing to do scientific research and study. I didn’t have any problems with him except for his tiny personality thing. I respected Leo very much during those five years, and I enjoyed working with him as a mentor. Malik had some problem in his personality and some other issues, but as a subordinate, I still respected his profound knowledge. And it was impossible that I could realize that we had done something in HK lab right after the CCP covering up the epidemic.

We were the national laboratory that was responsible for emerging infectious diseases, and we were also the laboratory of WHO. So when you saw this, your first reaction was, oh, we want to know more about this and do more research in the future. If it’s SARS, we’re doing the best with SARS here, and if it’s other emerging infectious diseases, we can offer other good guidance here. So I thought I would have to study this disease in the future, but I didn’t immediately think it could be a biological weapon. Well, I was in Hong Kong, and like many people, I was awakened by the Hong Kong movement, and I saw the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party. But the use of biological weapons against one of our own…I know Mr. Guo had warned us. I listened to him live, I knew he had warned. But when the virus suddenly appeared, especially in a new type of respiratory infectious diseases in an infectious disease season, especially when SARS had happened in the past, if you let me think this was a biological weapon, I would say I was 90% not think so.

Because first, it was evidence-based, we should have not talking nonsense. Second, it should have been based on intelligence. It wasn’t too long after I started investigating, and even if I had a lot of experience or some accumulated knowledge, I couldn’t relate it to a bio-weapon based on one report only. Third, to put it bluntly, it was too normal for the Communist Party to cover things up and stop people from knowing about a normal thing. So at that time, I just wanted to remind people to be careful, there was such an infectious disease. Even if its infectiousness is pretty low, you still need to pay attention, do not completely believe what the government said for refuting rumors. That’s all that I meant.

Dr. Hu: I just want to ask you one question. Why did Leo Peng ask you to investigate through your network at that time? The audience may not know what a doctor’s network is. Why one person might have WeChat groups of hundreds of people, and have four or five such groups with doctors from all over the world, and even with people at the CDC. Leo Peng, as a person who has not received long-term education in the mainland, also as a professor and a consultant of WHO, why did he was as not convenient as you in terms of communicating with those people?

Dr. Yan: Good question, Dr. Hu. I’ve talked about it on TV before, but there are a lot of meanings behind it. Leo Peng came to me and asked me to do the investigation. It wasn’t just his requirement. I mentioned that our lab was the best in the world at investigating emerging diseases. So in this case, he was representing the Medical Council of Hong Kong, the medical consultants, and the core committee of the World Health Organization. He came to me, first of all, because it was very confidential, and he thought I was very trustable and capable. I had been working with him there for five years, and what I had done during that period of time was obvious to all. So he knew that he could trust me to do a good job under those circumstances. That’s the first point.

Second, I was part of our core team, and Leo didn’t want to leave such a task to a student or a general assistant. If I was a hamster keeper like what the rumor said, they would never give it to me. How could I ensure the information was collected, analyzed, and reported clearly if I was unable to understand what I was being told? He came to me because, first, this was a new disease, right? I had my medical practicing background and my MD degree. Secondly, this was our relevant research on the virus. With my scientific research background in this field, I could collect, understand, ask questions, explore questions, and analyze questions well. And I had both MD and Ph.D. degrees, which was very rare in Hong Kong Medical School. Because in Hong Kong, students study MD and so on, and only very few of them are willing to spend more time learning a Ph.D. unless they are extremely passionate about scientific research. So in our school of public health, at that time, only Professor Guan Yi, Malik, and I had double degrees. In our core team, there were only me and Malik. It must have been me to come forward and ask about the questions. I also speak Mandarin, so I could communicate with mainland people unofficially.

My educational background is relatively unique. I did not finish a master’s degree in one school, nor did I go to Hong Kong right after my undergraduate study. Here is about to emphasize, pseudo-class, 50 cents, and national securities, you said that I was graduated from the Qufu Normal University, which I do not know where this came from. Qufu Normal University is an old school, and it has produced many famous people. But why did you say that I came from there? You even know which year I went to primary school and junior high school. Don’t you know that I went to the Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University to study clinical medicine for seven years from 1999 to 2002 right after finishing high school? So after that, I went to the Southern Medical University for my at Central South University. During that time, I have been in the Eye Center of the Sun Yat-sen University, which is the best Eye Center in China for nearly two years. What I did was the cooperation, communication, and experiment work as a visiting scholar.

So my whole network is a little bit bigger than the average scholars. I was not sociable, used to hang out with my classmates only. But you have to know that the doctor’s’ community is very professional. Doctors generally tie tight after graduation for the information exchange. Especially in the process of growth, such as consultation, or facing some of the doctor-patient relationship, the connection between the doctors is more closely. So in this case, the group of my classmates, or the classmates’ based alumni group, will provide some valuable information. Because I’ve been in several places for a long time, I have a very wide network. And you have to know that before I started at the Southern Medical University, there were a lot of people with military backgrounds there, although it had been transferred to the local for a long time. So basically, besides the fresh graduates, there were full of doctoral students with a military background in the South Medical University. Such a network gave me an extra layer of access to hospitals or academies that had military backgrounds. Therefore, my whole background is quite unique which was convenient for me to collect some information then.

At the same time, these years, more sufficient funding has been provided by China, so the institutions in Hong Kong are willing to follow the CCP by working together and doing researches. After all, compared with the Hong Kong government, the CCP is generous. So Leo and Malik also have been staring at the funding, that is why I said the CCP is very easy to the temptation to these people. The CCP doesn’t have to give them money directly, it just has to release out these funds. As long as you are in Hong Kong, or you are overseas researchers, what you need to do is just to cooperate with mainland people, put your name on the papers, sell the technology, and then you can get half of the money, which is helpful to make promotion and make you more prestigious. Mover, the CCP will also provide manpower like students from the mainland the free labors. In that case, both sides are very happy to accept, right? Under such circumstances, I had long been on a mission to help Leo and Malik find opportunities for cooperation. But I was more selective, and I simply didn’t let them work on projects that I thought were irresponsible. So Leo knew that I had could the ability to do things well. First of all, I could help them open up the channel and the information I got was reliable; second, they trusted my judgment. That’s the case. And we’ll talk about more details later.

Doctor Bo: Should I?  I don’t want to talk about professional topics since I don’t understand them either. How can I put it? Before December 31st last year, Dr. Yan was a scientist in Hong Kong, doing her experiments safely in the laboratory, right? Life was safe and sound then. One year later, I can guess it, Dr. Yan, the past year can be the most thrilling one in your life, and also for many comrades. A problem I want to ask is, you faced the death threats, thrilled and fled, and then you came to the United States. After all these, today you were voted as the “Woman of the Year” by Mr. Bannon’s War Room. One year ago, I think no one could predict what the world will look like, and you certainly didn’t expect that you will be like this, so what do you want to share with our comrades in arms?

Dr. Yan:  Thank you,  Dr. Bo.  First of all, I would like to say that I have feelings, but it doesn’t mean that I will shed tears when I think about the past year. This is not the case. Why is that?  I’m very, very honored today. Mr. Bannon asked me if I could be on his show this morning. I said,  “sure. What’s the subject today?” “Today’s theme is Mr. Giuliani being Man of the Year and you being Woman of the Year”, Mr. Bannon said. I froze for a moment and surprised there was such a title, which I had never heard of before.  And then I was very happy, also felt very moved for being affirmed. However, I felt the same, but certainly not as deep as what Mr. Guo mentioned in his live streaming today. That is, as long as the CCP is still there, our bodies of more than 100 pounds can disappear anytime. So no matter how much I did, how big my contribution was, how much I changed the world if we can’t take down the CCP, all these things are meaningless.

Looking back, for the Chinese Communist Party, the ten years of catastrophe was a setback in a little quest, or not even a setback, but an experience, right? The struggles against the “Three evils” and the “Five evils”, the Three Years of Famine, and Down to the Countryside Movement, which all got rehabilitated, could be decorated and resumed anytime. So I was nobody without the Whistleblowing movement; without the hard work of all of our comrades and their spreading of the truth, my revelation could not have had such an impact. So What I have to say is, this year has been a bit of an experience for me. When people ask me about my feelings, what happened on December 31st, and what happened in April made me worried. Especially I was fleeing and almost died when I got to the airport. But before the CCP is destroyed, I think of these things like a movie and just let it go because I always know my goal is ahead. The world is still being blinded by the Chinese Communist Party. So many mainstream media, the swamp creatures, the dark power of the CCP, and the innocent deplorable thought Covid-19 was a just natural disaster. They all thought that the virus was being found when the CCP had been in vaccine research. Or it was being found when they had been looking for the reason some people got sick and then brought the virus out of a bat cave accidentally. Or someone accidentally leaked the virus from the lab, whatever. Anyway, they would say that it was a job done by a janitor or a temporary worker.

Many people still do not realize the danger of this novel coronavirus and are misled that vaccination will be fine. Some people also believe that they do not need treatment for their mild symptoms and isolation at home will do. Even during the lockdown, as long as you wear a cloth mask to cover your mouth, you can easily live a normal life. While people still think so, they are in danger and their lives can be damaged and deprived at any time. I have to think about how I can do more, how I can work with our Whistleblowing movement, with Mr. Miles Guo, With Mr. Bannon, with Mr. Giuliani, with President Trump, to wake up more people with the truth. I have always believed that, first of all, we have seen the process of destroying the Communist Party in the past year has been very rapid, definitely more than what I have seen in the Hong Kong movement in the past six months in 2019. And then over for the year, we had a lot of happy moments. We saw one step after another going up, and more people were awakened. We also saw the will of the people of the west and the actions of the western governments. But we also need to know that we still have a lot of things to do next year.

The Communist Party and the forces behind it are evolving along with the virus. For example, now they are Whistleblowing about the so-called Yunnan mining cave, right? If the west wants to come and check, they won’t let you check. This is a set of the deliberate game. One plays a good guy and another plays a bad guy. Western media said we were going to see the mine. The Communist Party said we won’t let you see the cave. I have intelligence, and I know that there are people on Twitter, in the media, who are dedicated to distributing this information. And then the CCP went to some of the scientists that they’re secretly working with to reach a compromise. Of course, I know some spies are listening to this. I’m telling you, I know who’s doing these things as soon as the theory of the bat cave came out. I know what you’re going to do next, and what information you’re going to release. Don’t think you’ll ever get away with it. It’s impossible. These people are working together. If you pay attention to the media war, you’ll find, gee, the world’s attention is drawn to the West, the WHO. They’re going to check it out!

The Communist Party says you can come, and Shi Zhengli also says you can come, but the mine can set up roadblocks and won’t let you in. And then someone will say something about Shi Zhengli on the internet, and they say that Shi Zhengli must have something to hide. A series of drama will be getting started, and illustration in those articles also won’t forget to put some wild animal carcasses, which is to remind westerners, Chinese eat wild animals. They either eat bats or eat pangolins and even they do not eat pangolin, they must eat masked civet. Anyway, these people are wild animals and caused the disease. It is the Chinese people’s fault, right? In this case, we have to constantly puncture their next plan through their behavior. And then I’ll let you verify that. I can’t start with telling people what they must be, so what must happen to them next. Our listeners have been following the Whistleblowing movement for so long that you will have a strong logical ability and your judgment about the CCP, so you will accept this relatively easily.

But these people in the West, much simpler, and they don’t follow these things as closely as we do. Today they got one information, tomorrow they got another one, so they will be confused and then forget everything. If you talk to them too much, they cannot receive them all at once. The most they will remember is, oh, there is a lady who said that the Chinese Communist Party faked the whole story. Then how they faked it, whether this fake was made by one person or was made by the communist regime, these are two different directions, which will lead to different results. This is about Chinese deplorable. It’s about whether we innocent Chinese people to take the blame for the communist party, right? It is a very fundamental question about whether the CCP can survive. On these issues, we have to solve them step by step, follow the strategy, and get things done one by one. We see some people are trying their best to destroy the Whistleblowing Movement from the internal, or trying to suppress the truth online. Before we succeed, my attitude is, the past is the past, the next day is always more important. Also, I don’t know when they’re going to come after me, and if I can do as much as I can before then, I feel my conscience is clear.

Lude: Ok, due to the time limit, thank you very much for speaking for dozens of minutes in one breath, Dr. Yan. The New Year is coming. It’s on January 1st in Asia. It will be next year when we wake up tomorrow morning. So wish you all the best in 2021. I also tweeted that, in 2021, we will destroy the Communist Party of China. Let’s capture Xi Baozi (Xi Jinping), General Accelerators Xi alive!

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