Miles Talks About Lude and His Decisive Action Toward Dismantling the Phoenix Farm

During the New Year’s Eve I am Sing-Ro Season Finale show on GTV, Mr. Miles Guo spoke highly about Mr. Lude and his decisive action toward dismantling the Phoenix Farm.

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You just mentioned the Phoenix [farm]. Talking about Phoenix, I must say something about Mr. Lude. This is indeed God’s will, which I truly believe! At midnight on that day, while I talked with our scientist (Dr. Li-Meng Yan), Lude was waiting for me anxiously, saying, “We need to talk, we need to have a telephone conversation.” After the call, Mr. Lude became very serious! He said, “We cannot do it in this way, and we need to do it this and that way…” and gave me instructions. I said, “Okay, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” The next day, he texted me, “I suggest that you dismantle it [the Phoenix Farm].” He called Sara, which I did not know. Sara sent me the message [about dismantling the farm]. This is how the Phoenix Farm was dismantled. Sara took the initiative. It is Lude who figured out the whole thing.      

刚才你谈到凤凰。谈到凤凰,我必须说路德先生。这真的就是天命,我很信呐!我跟路德先生就是个凌晨和科学家讲话,路德也很着急等着,“咱得说话,咱得通话”。通完以后,路德先生就特别认真啦:“这事郭先生,咱们这事,你不能这么干。咱得怎么、怎么着…” 他给我指示,跟我说。我说:“是嘛!咱明天再说。” 第二天,他给我发信息说:“我建议你应该把这个解散了。” 他跟 Sara 通电话,我都不知道,Sara 就把信息发给我。就这么给,就是凤凰就解散。这 Sara 主动的。是路波切看清了整个事实。

I always joke with Lude. He has two cutest sides, one of which is that he is the first person in our Whistleblower Movement who can read my mind. We seldom talk to each other and sometimes we don’t have even one call for a month. The two of us really talk the least. You can use it as a proof. Our conversations are also the shortest. You all know me. This is the one side.


The other side is that Mr. Lude has really devoted himself to the Whistleblower Movement whole-heartedly, with his whole family, including his children and his wife, and everything in his life. Since I got to know him till today, he has been staying at home and only doing some shopping and eating [while not working]. More importantly, in that critical moment, Mr. Lude did such a decisive thing. This is what everyone can see! In our Whistleblower Movement and among our fellow fighters, he is far from ordinary.


Lao Ban Zhang called me first and then Chang Dao Ge called, telling me the situation of Phoenix City [where the GTV headquarter was]. Then many fellow fighters sent me messages, which I forwarded to Mr. Lude right away. Then Lude asked to talk to me. After our conversation, he told Sara, and then Sara took the initiative to return the Phoenix [headquarter to us]. As a result, it avoided a major legal issue, and even avoided a big trap set up by the CCP toward the Whistleblower Movement. Mr. Lude may share this in detail with all of you someday.

这是老班长先给我打电话,是长岛哥给我打电话,给我说了凤凰城的情况。然后很多战友给我发了信息,我第一个就发个转发路德先生,然后路德就要跟我通话。通话以后,他给 Sara 说的。Sara 就主动退还凤凰城。结果避免了一场重大的法律,甚至是一种,爆料革命的一种巨大的共产党的设置的圈套当中。这个路德先生哪一天可以好好跟大家讲一讲。

You did not really see it clearly regarding the Phoenix Farm and the cobra and swallow (special agents) released by the CCP and the scheme behind all this. The setup behind it indeed can turn over all of us, including I Am Sing-Ro. This is really insidious! However, God helped us in this very moment, and Lao Ban Zhang and Chang Dao Ge provided the feedback from our fellow fighters timely and accurately. Then Mr. Lude, who is absolutely faithful to the core interest of our Whistleblower Movement with no consideration of himself whatsoever, made such a brave decision right away. And after the decision was made, we found afterwards that it was me who was indecisive and put personal feelings before the friendship of our fellow fighters in the Whistleblower Movement. It’s my fault. So in the end, I assume all of the responsibilities to avoid the worst situation.      


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