China’s food prices have risen across the board, people have no money to celebrate the coming new year

Himalaya Moscow Katysua Wenqiang
The price of grain is the base of a hundred prices. The stability of grain price is directly related to the stability of overall prices, even the stability of the entire society. A big rise in food prices is one of the “derivatives catastrophes” that have emerged in 2020 as a result of the Communist party’s virus epidemic. In addition, the overall increase in meat prices and the more terrifying tide of unemployment, for the ordinary people under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, the Spring Festival in 2020 is really “sad New Year.”

The price of hogs in mainland China is now 36.36 yuan per kg, compared with 28.6 yuan per kg at the end of October, a 27.1% rise in three months, the Chinese Communist Party’s Tencent website reported on January 3

The retail price of pork in the northern market has risen to 27-29 yuan per catty, and in the south region, it is as high as 30-35 yuan per catty. Affected by the surge in pig prices, the prices of mutton, chicken, beef and other meat products have risen across the board. At the same time, the impact of the epidemic on the CCP has also led to food shortages and expectation of higher prices.

Reflecting the commodity market, CCP corn and soybean prices hit record highs in 2020. Soybean oil, vegetable oil, round-grained rice and soybean meal prices also rose along the way.

However, compared with the harm caused by the simple increase in food prices and the social unemployment wave, The consequences of unemployment and its social destructive power are even more serious. The CCP officially announced that the national unemployment rate in April 2020 was 6.0%, higher than the 5.9% in March, but better than the historical high of 6.2% in February. But a research report by China Pacific Securities, a Communist Party brokerage, at the end of April said the real unemployment rate was 20.5% and 70 million people were unemployed. In late March, Hong Kong economist Liu Chenjie estimated that the outbreak could cost more than 200m Chinese Communists jobs

The simple price increase will only affect the quality of life, but not without a source of life. Basic life can be guaranteed, and social panic and chaos will not be caused. 

However, with the concurrent unemployment wave, a large number of people have lost their jobs without stable income, prices have risen, their income is beyond their means, their lives have lost security, various social violations and crimes will increase, and social security and other aspects will be in a state of deep crisis.

The winter is not far away, a wave of unsettled epidemics, a wave of bankruptcies and unemployment, a crash, the ensuing price rises, a food crisis. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Geng Zi, the common people of the Communist Party of China will definitely suffer greatly.

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