Revision of CCP’s National Defense Law: Expanding Xi Jinping’s Military Power Intended to Defend CCP’s “Development Interests”

Himalaya Moscow Katysua Yinhe

The revised National Defense Law was deliberated and adopted at the 24th Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress on December 26, Beijing Time, and shall come into force on January 1, 2021.  The new law expands the power of the military armed forces under Xi Jinping, and emphasizes the mobilization of military and civilian resources to defend national interests at home and abroad, while reducing the role of the State Council, led by Premier Li Keqiang, in setting military policy.

The formal implementation of the new defense law on January 1 2021 has undermined the State Council’s right to formulate military policy and to relegate military decision-making to the Central Military Commission (CMC) headed by Xi Jinping. The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post commented that Xi Jinping has become the most powerful centralized leader of the CCP since Mao Zedong, holding the military firmly in his hands as both general secretary of the CCP and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

The main amendments to the National Defense Law include: establishing Xi Jinping’s guiding role in national defense.

The national defense powers of state organs have been adjusted, and the system of responsibility of the chairman of the CMC has been added. It makes clear that “military personnel become a profession that the whole society respects” and strengthens the protection of the status and rights of military personnel.

The concept of safeguarding the “development interests” of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was added to the revised regulations in several places, drawing widespread international attention. Article 2 of the original National Defense Law added two concepts of “secession” and “development interests” to its definition, amended from “military activities carried out by the state to prevent and resist aggression, stop armed subversion, and defend national sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security.” to “activities carried out by the State to prevent and resist aggression, stop armed subversion and secession, and defend national sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, security and development interests of the State.” 

Article 4 of the original National Defense Law was changed to “the consolidation of national defense and strong armed forces commensurate with the country’s international status and in line with national security and development interests.” Article 25 was amended to “The size of the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China shall be commensurate with the needs of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests of the State.” Article 47 even pointed out: “When the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, security and development interests of the People’s Republic of China are threatened, the state shall, in accordance with the Constitution and laws, mobilize the whole nation or mobilize the part of the country.”

Taiwan has expressed concern about the amendment to the national defense law, arguing that the concept of “development interests” is a preparation for the Chinese Communist Party to launch a war against Taiwan in order to maintain regime rule. As early as October 22, 2020, when the draft amendment to the National Defense Law of the People’s Republic of China was introduced, the Central News Agency (CNA) commented that the CCP’s proposed amendment to the National Defense Law to add “threat to development interests” as a condition for mobilization for war meant that the CCP would attack Taiwan at any time.

Party media earlier reported that by 2027, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, the Communist Party will build a fully modernized military, a goal that is consistent with national strength and will meet future national defense needs. This assertion is reiterated in the revised bill, which adds the right to mobilize military and civilian resources to defend national interests. Article 7 of the bill adds to the duties of citizens the requirement that “all state organs and armed forces, political parties and people’s organizations, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and other organizations support and participate in national defense construction in accordance with the law, perform national defense duties, and fulfill national defense tasks.”

This amendment aims to legitimize the “special nature” of the CCP’s political and defense system, and the so-called “development interests” are not to defend the rights and interests of the Chinese people, but rather to respond to any situation that would undermine the CCP’s dictatorial rule, and the CCP would go to war in the legitimate name of defending the country’s development interests. Xi Jinping believes that “power comes from the barrel of a gun” and is committed to the long-term legitimization of “mastering the barrel of a gun” in order to establish his absolute leadership of the armed forces.

As tensions continue between the U.S. and China, military confrontations in the South China Sea and East China Sea continue to escalate. The Chinese military is making frequent moves in the Taiwan Strait and will not give up on unifying Taiwan by force, the CCP information war intervenes in the United States elections and attacks the sovereignty of the United States, and the CCP’s release of the CCP virus biological weapons, which cause the world epidemic, is about to come to an end,

as the CCP’s high-profile announcement of the implementation of the new national defense law, which increases the content of the new national defense law, which is a threat to the world, shows that the CCP is desperate to kidnap 1.4 billion Chinese people to die for the CCP’s authoritarian regime. 

The Communist Party is running out of time. President Trump is set to win the final victory, and the primary goal of the Trump administration in the next four years will be to overthrow the firewall of the CCP. The CCP economy has collapsed comprehensively. Hundreds of CCP-invested enterprises have been sanctioned, banks and real estate have collapsed comprehensively, and private enterprises have become victims of the CCP regime’s forcible seizure. 

With foreign exchange depleting, energy diminishing, coal and electricity supplies running out of steam,and the most serious food problem is no longer hidden. Under such a CCP regime, when the people know the truth, will they respond to the CCP’s call to “fight for the Party” or will they defend their right to live and rise up to overthrow the CCP regime?

The Chinese Communist Party is running wild at the end of the road, and all they do are all in vain. We hope that our fellow citizens will wake up and not be deceived into burial with the evil Chinese Communist regime.

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