12/25/2020 Mr. Miles Guo On U.S. Election

Come What May, President Trump Will Prevail


For today’s live-cast, originally I had a lot to say… Let me tell you about Trump’s presidential election – Don’t dwell on the trivial details. Do wait for the outcome on Jan. 20, the last day, which is the most crucial. There might be a chance, as I said, it may be undecided on Jan. 20, then Nancy Pelosi becomes Acting President. Then it will be extended to February. But the chance for this scenario is quite slim. January 6 is not the last day, rather, January 20. Do remember, still, there is a 1% chance, it will be pushed all the way to February. But eventually, President Trump will prevail, come what may, come what may!

今天的直播啊,我有本来有很多话… 我再告诉关于川普总统大选——别看了芝麻细节最后一天。1月20号最后以后举手的 是最关键的,也有可能我在最早说过1月20号不行了,变成南希佩洛西临时过渡总统。可能到2月份,是有这种可能很小的比例。 1月6号不是最终的日子,是1月20号, 一定要记住,有1%的可能, 干到2月去啊, 但最终一定是川普总统, 不管中间发生啥事, 不管中间发生啥事。

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