Mr. Miles Guo Told Us That the General Election Will Be Dramatic at the End

Author: 葡萄树, Editor & uploader: Rosemary, San Francisco pre-Farm

On Nov. 7, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo told us that the general election will have a dramatic result at the end . Here is the video clip that tells us about it. If you believe in Mr. Miles Guo you should know that president Trump will be the next president. So, just relax and enjoy the clip.

This fight in America is not a legal warfare.
At the end, it’s the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and, finally, the military within.
It will definitely end this way.
Keep an eye on the two vice presidents, it’s going to be hilarious, it’s really just beginning.
So, brothers and sisters.
All the moguls behind the entire legal community, the military community, the intelligence community
and all the interest groups, the medias, in the US this time will be completely and utterly exposed at the last minute.
Whoever has ties to the Communist Party, whoever has absolute ties to the Communist Party, will be exposed.
Last night, our most reliable friend told me, “Miles, Biden would win for sure,” saying how this and that plan will work.
Then I asked him, “what will this department do when it comes to the last minute? “He said that it was really uncertain.
America to the end, absolutely this time medias don’t have the final say. And it’s not just the courts, the Supreme Court.
You must remember, at the end it’s in the US Senate and the House of Rep., which is the core.
This is not a joke, if there is any evidence that proves CCP participated in fraudulence, everything will change.
The media is now declaring Biden won.
You must remember, people, don’t worry.
The emperor is not worrying, you eunuchs should not worry.
This election is definitely far from over. In January, don’t think it’s a done deal until the moment the president stands there.
You must remember, as long as the president is not standing there, raising his hand and swearing in, don’t say anything.
You have to hold until the last minute. The ludicrous moment is in the last minute.

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12 days ago

Every word from Miles has just happened in the last month, and is happening, and to happen soon.

12 days ago

We are all waiting to see what happens.

12 days ago

If US government can listen just fracture of the Miles Guo’s suggestions. The situation could be completely different!

13 days ago

Pence just signed the 25th to get Trump out tomorrow

13 days ago

This is another excellent excerpt from Miles’s countless video library!! Thank you for refreshing our memory! Too many times Mr. Guo’s words have been proven so accurate!