1/6/21 Breaking: Trump is urging his supporters to go home

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16 days ago

The number of deceased during the capitol building chaos is now 4, God H… https://youtu.be/wD-2Y7wSd3g

16 days ago

Violence right now just plays into the Democrats hands.
Dems WANT all this to happen so they have an excuse to lock down the country and confiscate all the guns.

Oh and the government drew ‘first blood’ when their agent shot and killed an UNARMED WOMAN.

Notice the politicians complain about cops and yet the first thing they do is CALL THEM?
Notice the politicians used ARMED cops?
All political power comes from the end of a gun barrel….

16 days ago

Mr President , you have tried your best to proceed the fraud election peacefully . But the other side is too evil . You need put aside your mercy and take tough actions to beat those evils who will destroy the US. I love you . Fight for Trump , Fight for America and Fight for Freedom.

16 days ago

Hey Mr.President,

If you have the goods on these POS’s you need to be transparent and release all of the bull shit as there are people who believe in you.
if you are for the people let the people sort it out. Release the bullshit all of it.

Thank you. and have a good night
Patriot that bleeds red, white and blue



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