Miles: Don’t Make Any Decisions Before January 20th!

Mr. Miles Guo, in his Jan. 4 livecast, explained why the CCP was preparing for the war – because nobody can stop the tide of taking down the CCP. He also urged people not to make any major decisions before January 20th, possibly implying that anything could happen between now and January 20th.

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The Whistleblower Movement has come to this day. Why is the CCP now shouting for preparing for the war, preparing for the war?! Its “preparing for the war” means that it knows that even in the situation when it owns the whole world’s presidents, it still can’t stop the tide of talking down the CCP! Let alone the assumed situation is impossible, it is absolutely impossible!  


After seeing Tom Cotton’s Twitter, I was super happy. Yesterday afternoon, I told Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Bannon, “Tom Cotton will definitely quit.” They said, “Impossible.” I was right again – pure luck, right? Don’t make any decisions before January 20th! I say it again, don’t make any decisions before January 20th! So, brothers and sisters and those who are watching the show in the audience, don’t be too involved in the show and feel too desperate. Don’t be like that! Not to mention, in the end, we are one of the leading actors in this show! We still need to bring the show back!   

你看这个 Tom Cotton 的推特以后我特别开心。我昨天下午跟朱利安尼、班农先生我还说,我说:Tom Cotton 他一定会退出的。他说:不可能。又让我说准啦,蒙的蒙的,是吧?!不到1月20号你们都不要有任何的决定!我再说一遍,不到1月20号,你千万千万不要有任何的决定!所以说兄弟姐妹们,咱们现在在台底下看戏的人,啊,别被一场戏给左右啦,要死要活的,那可千万别这样!何况最终这个唱戏的主角咱们还是其中之一啦!咱们还得把这戏给扳回来呢!

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