1/6/2021 History in the Making: Birth of a New Party in the US

January 6, 2020, has become a turning point in human history. As Trump supporters gathered at Washington D.C., the world witnessed the birth of a new political party in the US, representing many pro-faith, pro-Trump and patriotic Americans who are fed up with the establishment of the Republican and Democratic Parties.

The world held its breath while the certification of the electoral college was taking place at Capitol Hill, a step in a formal process to determine the outcome of the fraud-plagued US presidential election.

This year’s US presidential election is so critical that it will determine the future of the world because it is a final showdown between the free world and the totalitarian globalism led by the Chinese Communist Party.

Despite evidence of Biden’s collusion with foreign regimes and the massive voter fraud, the establishment, mainstream media, and big tech have been blocking and twisting the information before, during, and after the election. It is a foretaste of what is to come if the freedom-loving people do not stand up to defend Trump’s victory in the election.

The Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo has been trying to alert people around the world of the danger of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for years. Before the world could take the imminent threats seriously, the CCP unleashed a biochemical weapon to throw the whole world into unprecedented chaos.

The CCP also orchestrated and implemented voter fraud in the US election using the pandemic as an excuse to manufacture fraudulent mail-in ballots.

The CCP’s grand scheme is to control the US through its proxy like Biden, control Europe and South America through the Vatican so that it can control the world in an alliance with Russia, while most of the African and Asian countries have already become tributary states of the CCP.

The world has significantly underestimated the ambition and evilness of the CCP, but the CCP’s atrocities in Hong Kong and the meddling in the US election have awakened many.

Now the people are paying a hefty price for tolerating the CCP’s crimes. Millions of lives and jobs have been lost to CCP-virus around the world. The US constitution is being threatened during this election. Even the Judeo-Christian tradition and civilization are in danger of being eroded by the CCP through its infiltration of the Vatican.

The US election-induced uncertainty and the on-going geopolitical tensions are putting many countries on edge. Troops secretly entered Beijing, the capital city of China, while Xi Jinping, the supreme leader of the CCP, is recuperating from a medical procedure for this intracranial aneurysm. The Chinese economy is collapsing because banks are defaulting and wages are overdue, driving the desperate regime into preparing for war. Biden’s win is the CCP’s last hope for survival.

Trump told his supporters earlier today that he ‘will never concede’ the presidential election. He is not alone in this fight against evil. Many righteous people around the world are with him.

Today, the fake news labeled the protesters in Washing D.C. as mobs, but history will remember the law-abiding patriots as freedom-fighters who keep America a Beacon of Hope for the world.

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