Traditional Chinese Teaching which Matches the Way of Universe & Human Nature – Part 4

Today the nation ruled by CCP is full of the drama related to royal family of ancient China. However, such stories presented by the drama are irrelevant. In ancient China, different from today’s historian, the historian in ancient China will have to be specialized in both classics and history. The reasons to start with classics include learning the great wisdom and building up the ethics. Whoever have mastered the great wisdom and ethics may not be necessary to know how to apply in the real life. As a result, these people will then turn out to learn history and find out how to apply what they have learned related to wisdom and ethics. It is not rather reading the story but seeing the law behind the rise of the dynasty.

Without starting with classics, such as Wang Qishan, people will learn the negative side of historical stories. Over the history of ancient China, there were several conspirators, who were smart and full of knowledge of history. Wang Qishan learned conspiracy only from the history because he did not touch classics at all. Another example is Mao Zedong, who read “the Golden Lotus” and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, focused on the rape, loot, fraud and conspiracy. He could be the biggest conspirators over the history of mankind. Once people learned classics and history, they may turn to methodology or tool including military, “Yin and Yang”, negotiation, public relationship, agriculture and economy. The final piece to learn is arts including poem, chess, painting and calligraphy. Whoever can master all parts presented above are deemed as “elite” in ancient China.

Whatever we are learning in school today can be categorized into the four parts presented above. For example, language, math, physics and sports can be classified into methodology or tool. Although we learn history in school as well, we only learn the stories of the history. Moreover, a number of children learn painting, music and etc. However, what we are learning today has fully excluded the classics and history.

Therefore, the education system today in CCP China do not have any elites that meet the definition from ancient China.

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Author:Lily  心灵感应

Translator: Neal

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver GFarm – 2021/01/06

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