【48 Hours of Duel】Georgia’s two senatorial positions are very important

  • Editor: 文顺、Victor Torres
  • Dictation: Goodgo
  • Translator: Ranting

On January 6, Mr. Guo said on the live broadcast of “48 Hours of Duel” that the Senate race in Georgia has crucial implications for the fate of the United States and the fate of the New Federal State of China.

Mr. Guo’s analysis is that if the Republicans win, even if President Trump loses it all today, it will be very important to destroy the CCP. If Trump were to win today, it would hasten the demise of the CCP. Mr. Guo said, “The New Federal State of China will help a lot, but the two Georgia locations are very important.”

Mr. Guo also revealed that the Dominion voting system was once again faulty and a recount began today.

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