Himalaya BCN Joy Spain Live Stream Episode 2, January 5: Three major telecom operators were forced to delist and Chinese companies were kicked out of the U.S. How can the CCP BGY?

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 神奇四侠
  • Translator: Ranting

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Himalaya BCN Joy Spain Live is hosted by Himalaya BCN Joy Spain and is on daily at 13:30 pm Spanish time (20:30 BST, 07:30 EST). All views expressed by guests are their own.

  • Host: 文用丶
  • Guests: 老师傅、天灭中共777、神奇四侠

Reference News published an article on Jan. 3, saying that China has to take necessary measures to defend the rights and interests of Chinese companies because the U.S. asked the three major telecom operators to withdraw from the market. The report in 21jingji.com downplayed the limited impact, saying that the three SOEs could also be privatized and delisted in the future. What are your guests’ opinions?

The Chinese Communist Party’s listed companies in the United States will basically be delisted, it is no longer in doubt, the Chinese Communist Party said to protect the interests of Chinese companies, not only the Chinese Communist Party have to play a role, but the people who BGY-ed by Chinese Communist Party also have to contribute.
Think about it, now these three major telecom operators are just appetizers, followed by three barrels of oil, now the BGY-ed people have panicked, these companies from the U.S. delisted, they take money from what?
You remember that President Bush’s family is in the oil business, right? In which oil field do these three oil barrels extract oil, whose oil do they buy and whose ships do they use to transport it? There are too many opportunities of BGY, retired senior officials casually hanging a director, consultant’s name can get how many dollars per year?
Cut off people’s money source like killing their parents, these people will definitely be dying. The U.S. election was the one in which they interfered with the election through various means. But a lie is a lie after all. It does not stand up to scrutiny.

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