Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.04 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

  1. CNPC, SNOPEC, CNOOC will Get Delisted by U.S.

CNPC, SNOPEC, CNOOC would get delisted by the U.S. The three oil majors were verified to be controlled by the CCP’s military. The effect of this action would be far stronger than US sanctions against CCP’s telecommunications industry. The three oil majors covered not only gasoline and diesel, but also a wide range of products derived from oil, such as plastics, textiles, and automotive industries. While sanctions on CCP’s telecom industry would only affect the telecom industry itself, the delisting of those oil majors would result in sanctions on all of the CCP’s international petroleum trades.

The delisting of CNPC, SNOPEC, CNOOC by the U.S. is the just the first step that is followed by a series of strong chain reactions, though it may not affect much of CCP’s global oil trade at first. Once they get delisted, the stock price would plummet instantly. In addition to other three telecom companies’ being sanctioned, then the high debt would lead to the instant collapse of CCP’s economy.

  • VP Pence at the GA rally Promised Objection & Evidences Would be Heard

VP Pence planned to travel to Israel on January 5 and not attend the congressional meeting on Jan 6. This GA speech was not in the plan. Clearly, Pence now has let go of his matter and been freed from the evil CCP. He will support President Trump firmly, but the CCP must have prepared the counterplan.

  • The Vatican Has Great Strength

The Vatican has an uninterrupted history for more than two thousand years and has accumulated huge wealth. During the Middle Ages, many dignitaries went to the Vatican to confess and donate large amounts of money. In the process of people’s confession, their private information was also controlled by the Vatican, so the Vatican has become the world’s largest intelligence network. The Vatican is very powerful, it is almost a terrestrial certification system. For example, if you seize a piece of land and donate it to the church, then the land becomes a legal asset; when a person commits a crime, the pope can exonerate his sin through his repentance. It can be said that the Vatican is the most powerful organization that has accumulated the most wealth in the past two thousand years. The wealth that the Vatican acquired through various channels now exists in terms of finance, stocks, etc., and Wall Street funds also come from this.

  • Mr. Bannon’s Interview with the Archbishop of the Vatican Implies Important Information

On January 1, Mr. Bannon interviewed Carlo Maria Vigano, the Archbishop of the Vatican, who was the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States. Mr. Bannon’s interview with the Archbishop of the Vatican means that the Archbishop of the Vatican is now also participating in the process of taking down the CCP. This is because the CCP not only wants to control the United States, but also wants to control the Vatican and subvert the Holy See. The CCP has infiltrated the Vatican in the similar way as infiltrated the United States, replacing people in important positions of the Holy See with people that the CCP can control. After the US election, the truth about the virus will become the focus of attention around the world, and another focus will be the re-election of the Pope in the Vatican.

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