From the Crusade to Taking Down the CCP

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Source: 《LUDE Media》on 6th Jan, 2020

So far, there are three recognized religions in the world: Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The current world system is built on the basis of the Christian civilization, the international order established on this basis. Base on this the civilization was established. The most important element of our civilization is rule of the law. On the basis of rule of the law are freedom and human rights. On this basis, the country is then established. Then there are political parties in the country, and different political parties take turns in power. The cornerstone of rule of the law is derived from Christian civilization. The spirit of contract in the Old Testament comes from Christian civilization. Islam and Buddhism did not establish the concept of the spirit of the contracts. Although the crusades in history did not end Islamic civilization. But the Christian civilization system was very strong and stable, this is why before the First World War, the Islam places became colonies.

At that time, the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)’s capital Constantinople was fell in 1453, and the Roman Empire was gone, but the cornerstone established by the Vatican still existed. The cornerstone was a contract with the God.The appointment of the king or emperor is from the God, no matter which country it is. The representative of the God is the Pope.

The Pope called for five crusades in the previous more than one thousand years. Why they want to have the Crusade? First of all, in that era, the America had not yet been discovered. All trade has to go through the Arab Islam route, so the trade channel is controlled by Islam Arabic area. Because at that time most of the land was occupied by Asia Minor, and the Crusade mainly for taking back their lands.

At that time, the people of the Crusades were all voluntary. There were merchants and peasants who went voluntarily. Why? Because the Vatican promised that if the people who participated in the Crusade would get the “immunity and tax exemption rights”.  For example, five hundred years ago, a family got this “immunity and tax exemption rights”  promised by the Pope, which is written on the paper. Then the descendants of this family will definitely maintain this paper. His family has maintained it for generations. How many people have this paper and “immunity and tax exemption rights”(inherited from their ancestors)? There were more than ten times of crusades, how many people had this paper at that time? This is why there are so many people now defending Christianity, and this is one of the reason of the pope has a huge influence and power. The archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is a real person with power in the Vatican. He had one interview with Mr. Steven Bannon. You can see the archbishop is also the supporter of the Whistleblower Movement to anti-the CCP.

Now the crisis in front of the country established by Christian civilization is exactly the similar problem as the era of the Crusade. The South China Sea crisis and the Taiwan Strait crisis are all caught by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). In the era of the Crusades, the trade of Christian countries was trapped in the Arab Islamic region. It’s the same problem now, they are also trapped in the crisis of South China Sea and  the Taiwan Strait created by the CCP. This crisis have an impact on the families that had the “immunity and tax exemption rights” of the Crusades at that time. Why? When the CCP was in power, everything belonged to the party, and there was no concept of rule of the law. This is one of the main reasons why we say that the CCP must be took down.

The Interview of Mr. Bannon with Carlo Maria Vigarò Article Link:

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