LuDe: Pence’s knot was untied and would side with Trump, thanks to Viganò

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1 Pence is a good man, but he is threatened

In the morning LuDe Live of January 3, LuDe said that Pence was a good man but he cared too much about his reputation or his public image. His scandal was found by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and he couldn’t support Trump[1]. It wasn’t treason as Lincoln Wood said[2]. What Pence cared about was probably not that important to many people. But his concerns was used by the CCP to coerce him[1].

Pence has a perfect public image. He is the perfect representation of a conservative. He is being threatened perhaps because he cares about his perfect image.

LuDe released a recording of Miles Kwok on March 11, 2020. The context of this recording is that Miles told LuDe that he was worried about President Trump contracting the Coronavirus. And LuDe asked if President Trump couldn’t be president, wouldn’t it be fine for Vice President Pence to take over? The recording is Miles’ reply: If President Pence took over, he would extradite Miles and LuDe back to China. LuDe said he was very shocked to hear that[1].

In October 2018, Pence made the Hudson speech that shocked the world and let the world know about the U.S. government’s major policy turn toward the Chinese Communist Party[3].

Perhaps something important happened between these two points in time. Perhaps this speech made the CCP feel threatened. The CCP started its repressive state apparatus to deal with Pence. As a result, the CCP knew Pence’s secrets and obtained videotape of him, which the CCP used to blackmail Pence. Since then, Pence was under great pressure and rarely showed up to talk against the CCP.

2 New Federal State of China has intelligence capabilities

The most important power of the NFSC (New Federal State of China), is its intelligence capability. NFSC has senior informants within the CCP. NFSC has access to most of the intelligence that the CCP holds.

Let us look at a recent example:

Chairman Xi has cerebral hemangioma, which is not a secret. The secret is that Xi had to undergo surgery. LuDe reported this in the evening Live on December 27th[4]. That’s why the New Year’s greetings, which was traditionally on January 1 or December 31[5], moved up to December 28[6]. That’s why Xi didn’t show up for several days. Xi had to have the cerebral hemangioma surgery between Dec. 29 and Jan. 3. This surgery takes at least three days, and after the surgery Xi must rest in bed. He can issue orders, but he is unable to appear on public occasions. Xi was shocked that the NFSC could know of his covert arrangements of the surgery. He arrested many people around him for investigation[1].

There is no other media report on top-secret information like this, which is the proof of the intelligence capability of NFSC.

3 Pence’s knot was untied and would side with Trump, thanks to Viganò

LuDe said, the secret that Pence didn’t want people to know, was not a big scandal. This statement implies that Pence’s secret was also known by NFSC. CCP wants to blackmail Pence and help Biden to get elected. The fight back of NFSC was to find out the secret that the CCP used to coerce Pence and gave this important information to someone who could dismantle it.

In the January 3 morning LuDe Live, LuDe said Pence’s plan at the time was to go to Israel on January 5 and evade his responsibilities on January 6[7].

In the January 4 evening LuDe Live, LuDe said Pence’s knot was untied and would side with Trump[8]. LuDe has talked about Vatican and Carlo Maria Viganò for several episodes since then. So probably Viganò had appeased Pence, and urged Pence to side with Trump. And the reason that led to this reversal could be that NFSC gave information to Viganò. That’s the reason why Pence changed his schedule.

Archbishop Viganò supports taking down the CCP. CCP wants to control not only the United States but also the Vatican. The way that CCP controls the United States and controls the Vatican are the same, which is to use “BGY” strategy to the key persons. CCP rigged Vatican election in the same way CCP rigged the 2020 U.S. election. CCP rigged the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in the same way CCP rigged the resignation of Pence. CCP helped Pope Francis get elected in the same way CCP helped Biden.

4 CCP will continue to make new plan to attack. NFSC will also continue to counterattack.

According to NFSC, in the early days, CCP has talked to McConnell about terms and conditions, asking President Trump for a full pardon for Biden, which was not agreed by President Trump. Now McConnell, on behalf of the bipartisan establishment, presented another precondition for supporting Trump: to give CCP 2 more years to undertake reforms.

The detail of the precondition was not mentioned by LuDe. But it could be imagined that CCP would become 2 or more parties and there would be elections. The decision process would be more transparent. Sounds good? No. CCP is very deceitful. The CCP regime is essentially a kleptocratic thugocracy where the rule of law was replaced by the rule of the jackboot. The core issue is to get back the fortunes sacked from the common people. If the fortunes are still owned by the kleptocratic families, there will be no real democracy. The kleptocratic families will continue enslaving the 1.4 billion Chinese people with the globalists.

NFSC made an offer to liberate the 1.4 billion Chinese people.  The fortunes of the kleptocratic families, which are extracted from the 1.4 billion Chinese people, should be returned to Chinese people, but in order to overthrow the CCP, the NFSC could give up some of it on behalf of the Chinese people in exchange for support of the bipartisan establishment and the financial groups behind them.

5 Q organization, the resurrection of JFK Jr. and German raid are all fake

According to Miles Kwok’s message on “Getter” on January 4, Q organization and the resurrection of JFK Jr. are not credible and cannot be relied upon. German raid of the servers by the CIA is likely to be fake news. Miles Kwok just referred to the German raid without giving any detail, which probably was referring to this matter. These were all bad news to us who want Trump to win.

Nether the martial law or the Insurrection Act is good. CCP has been behind the preparation of these. CCP wants the United States to be in chaos.

Miles Kwok said that NFSC has saved the US once on January 3. He didn’t expose the detail[9].

6 Achieving justice cannot rely on evidence alone, but also on strength

In the January 3 morning LuDe Live, LuDe also made a shocking statement: if the Supreme Court is not even standing up, where can you appeal then even with all the evidence? The truth can’t be the truth until it is recognized by authority. American politics does not care about truth, only about strength.

To get Trump elected, to take down CCP, and to achieve justice, your support is needed. Please join the community of patriots of NFSC. We can’t do this without you.


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It seems like a coup, investigate!

20 days ago

Arrest for Treason? I 100% support arresting Roberts for his high treason. I would go ‘head hunting’ down the judicial list all the way down to the local judges and start chopping. ANY judge that perverts the rights of the people or the constitution are traitors. A formal declaration of war is not necessary because their judicial actions ARE a declaration of war. Pardon Biden? Depends on the charges. If Trump wins, I would think that a partial pardon might be in order since Biden is merely a puppet for the true enemies of the American People – the Democrats.… Read more »


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