1/4/2021 Secretary Pompeo Interview【Highlights】

01/04/2021 Pompeo Interview P1: We believed that if we engaged with them that the CCP would engage at least externally in the world on a fair and reciprocal basis.

01/04/2021 Pompeo Interview P2: I am confident that the world will keep up this drumbeat demanding simply that the Chinese Communist Party permit people to exercise their God given rights to practice and not practice their faith in the way that they so choose.

01/04/2021 Pompeo Interview P3: Why need to seperate the concept of the Chinese nation and the CCP.

01/04/2021 Pompeo’s Interview P4: We can never really go back to the status quo with respect to China.

01/04/2021 Pompeo’s Interview P5: About the CCP-EU trade agreement, and why the Western world must recognize the CCP’s threat.

01/04/2021 Pompeo’s interview P6: Regarding the visa issue for the Chinese students, as some of them are working for the CCP.

01/04/2021 Pompeo’s interview P7: Wall Street still has investment in the CCP, but the wind is beginning to change, they are withdrawing the supply chain from China.

01/04/2021 Pompeo interview P8: The CCP constantly breaks its promises, thus “distrust but verify” is the core interactive model

01/04/2021 Pompeo’s Interview P9: The American people need to be aware that the CCP is not acting in a way that is in America’s interest.

01/04/2021 Pompeo’s interview P10: Why is the commission on inalienable so important?

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