UK Hawk English Channel Ep 10 Summary

Speakers: Sky, Hasmig, Dr. TCC, MikeHua Summary: MikeHua

PR: Lin;Final read: TCC;Page:Daoiii

Broadcasted date: 03/01/2021

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Prologue: CCP’s Goal is to Overthrow the US Constitution

Topic 1: CCP Promised to End Poverty in 2020, Now They Are Still Working On It in 2021

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Comment Summary:

President Xi, in the beginning of his reign, promised the Chinese people that he will eliminate the problem of poverty in mainland China by 2020, which was 2 days ago. Now he is saying that he will put the whole party’s work center into poverty improvement. This is an example of the CCP’s blatant lies. The actual situation is that the CCP lowered the standard of poverty and falsely reported incomes of poor individuals in mainland China. The CCP is all about lies, and the lies will bury the CCP eventually.

Topic 2: CCP’s Confrontation With Everybody

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President Trump has retweeted this video 5 times so far.

Comment Summary:

The confrontation of the CCP with the whole world has always been the theme of the CCP. Everybody knows that the CCP wants to take over the world. The reason nobody acted against them is because people either underestimated CCP’s ability or followed CCP’s ideology. Now the life line of the CCP, the USD, has been cut off from the NYSE. The propaganda machine and suppression apparatus will lose their support, and eventually, turn against the CCP. We are seeing the world waking up and CCP’s doomsday is counting down.

Topic 3: World is Waking Up:

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Comment Summary:

The UK is waking up to realize its most immediate existential threat—the Chinese Communist Party, CCP. Mr. Farage is very wise to understand that the CCP, Chinese people and China are fundamentally different. The CCP kidnapped China and the Chinese people, forcing the nation and the people to serve its dictatorship, hegemony and its expansion. Dr. Yan is an example of how good Chinese people can be. She was successful, but she risked all she had just to warn people about the danger of the CCP virus. Dr. Yan slams CCP’s lie that Chinese people do not deserve democracy, rule of law, and freedom. The Chinese people love to live with the international community peacefully. The lies of the CCP will destroy the CCP from within.

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