Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Jan 5, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Mr. Lu De provides some updates on Xi’s current condition.

o Unlike his previous surgeries that required only two or three days to recover, Xi needed at least 13 days of rest this time.

o Xi and his administration are preparing for Kamala Harris’s visit to China on Jan. 28.

• The New York Stock Exchange just announced late Monday it no longer plans to delist three Chinese telecoms companies.

o The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may threaten NYSE with lawsuits. With the current uncertainty of the election results, the NYSE, as a private company, is also in a dilemma.

o Mr. Lu De believes it’s not a bad thing; at least this move will make the American people more aware of the dangers of CCP’s infiltration and corruption.

• Mr. Lu De talks about Mr. Bannon’s interview with Abp. Carlo Maria Vigano again.

o The CCP is a combination of thousands of years of human evil, and it is a satanic regime that truly hates the truth and God.

o Mr. Lu De tells how Xi accomplishes his grand plan to take over the world. a. Take full control of the CCP and China.

b. Convince Putin to side with him c. Manipulate the U.S. through Biden d. Alliance with Pope Francis’ Vatican

o Once the plan is successfully completed, he and fellows in crime will achieve their Great Reset.

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