The Beautiful Lie : From 1939 the policy of appeasement to the CCP– EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

Translator: Niaoniaoxiaoduizhang

Auditor: Ana

Image Source: AP

On Dec. 30th 2020, the EU leaders held a video conference with Xi Jinping and after the conference, both sides announced that after 7 years hard negotiations, China and EU have reached a consensus on EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment. According to the EU announcement, China has promised to give EU investors “unprecedented ” market access and the security and predictability of the EU’s economic and trading activities in China will be improved. And then the agreement will enter into the phases of singing and approval procedures. Within two years of signing the agreement, both sides will also finalize the negotiations on investment protection.

In 2020, China has been in an isolated position, facing with the comprehensive decoupling policies in terms of politics, finance and trade adopted by Trump Administration, as well as the pressure for investigation of the pandemic from various countries of the world. Therefore, China has proactively conceded on some key parts of the EU-China investment agreement in order to rope in the EU to balance the US. So reaching the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment is a geopolitical success for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

In the meanwhile, because of the weak and sluggish economy in the whole EU, especially after the Brexit, the EU is anxious to find a new market to promote the economic recovery in the EU. The number of EU investors in Chinese market is so huge that the EU leaders including German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron attached great importance to the China-EU investment deal. The EU leaders deliberately neglected the human rights abuses in Hong Kong and Xin Jiang. And regarding the origin of the CCP virus, they intentionally kept their months shut.

On the very day when the China and EU announced their reaching the investment deal, the US Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger criticized the EU’s negligence over CCP’s serious human rights violation and its haste to partner with CCP, which has removed a Fig leaf , when attending the  the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. Matthew Pottinger pointed that the key officials of the EU is the impediment of deepening the transatlantic cooperation. Though the EU- China investment deal, people can see the problem clearly.

CCP is authoritarian regime, which never sticks to the rules. In order to achieve its goals, it can make any promise at any time, but at the same time it can violate any promises or agreements before they are due. In 2001, when the US allowing the CCP ‘s entry into WTO, the CCP has also made a lot of promises, but up to today, it does not honor most of those promises. In 1984 Great Britain signed the joint communiqué with CCP, which specifies that the “one country two systems” in Hong Kong will not be changed in the next 50 years. But it is only 23 years after the hand-over of Hong Kong to China, the CCP broke its promise, by proclaiming the Sino- British Joint Communiqué is an out-dated historical document. Those above hooligan behaviors of CCP did not awaken the EU leaders and they still fancied that CCP would honor various promised made in the investment deal.

In 1939 when the war clouds were gathering in Europe, at that time the British Prime minister Chamberlain continuously adopted the appeasement policy to German totalitarian regime. Chamberlain even naively believed that Hitler was a reasonable leader. When Nazi occupied the Sudeten area, he once again compromised with Hitler and signed the Munich Agreement. When returning to England, Chamberlain waved the agreement at the airport and claimed:“this is the second time there has come back from Germany to peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time”. But very soon, the Nazi Germany broke the agreement and waged war in the whole Europe.

EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment is a beautiful lie which the CCP sent to the EU and the EU fell into the trap of CCP promises. The history of 1939 will surely reoccur. The EU leaders will suffer the painful lessons and then learn about the nature of the CCP. And eventually, it will stand up with the EU and join the world force to eliminate the CCP.

Commentary by Dr. Guan( LUDE media broadcast guest):

In this agreement, the CCP made many promises to the EU, but this agreement was severely criticized by Mr. Pottinger, the Deputy National Security Adviser of the White House of the United States. Another message is that although the agreement is said to have been reached, it still requires the official approval of the governments of the EU member states and the voting of the European Parliament, so there is still a long way to go before the agreement comes into effect. So at this time, Xi Jinping said in a high profile that this agreement is more like a political oath to show that the CCP still has a certain influence in Europe.


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