On the last day of 2020, Dr. Li-Meng Yan told to the world again: Without taking down the CCP regime, you cannot solve the virus problem

Author: Ana

Auditor: Lorenzo

Did you remember Dr. Wen-Liang Li issued a warning via WeChat on December 30, 2019? I think worldwide people who still remembering Dr. Li’s face with breathing systems masks. He is almost the first whistleblower who warned the people paying attention to the virus. But at that time, this information about the human to human transmission virus only spreading around his colleagues in Wuhan Central Hospital. Dr. Li  got the Chinese government’s punishment after he spread the virus information among his colleagues and friends. He was warned by the local police office in Wuhan. He was affected by the virus because lacking of protectional instruments and he died because lacking of care in the hospital. 

Another whistleblower’s story is what happened to Dr. Li-Meng Yan who flew away from Hong Kong in the Aprile of 2020. Dr. Yan who supported Hong Kong fighters during the Hong Kong Democracy Movement understood how evil is the Chinese Communist party (CCP) and became one of the followers of the Whistleblower Movement. Back to the end of 2019 she got a secret mission from her supervisor Leo Poon (WHO consultant) which is investigating the epidemic situation in Wuhan. Because Dr. Yan who came from the mainland of China, and had lots of working experiences and relationships among the medical cycle in China. Dr. Yan talked to her friend who is a scientist in the CDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) in China. That friend has first-hand information. And this person told Dr. Yan there is family cluster cases, so there should be human-to-human transmission. She collected a lot of information from Wuhan, and reported to her supervisor. At the same time the human-to-human transmission become very worse in Wuhan. There were many patients who doesn’t get  any treatment and diagnosis on time. There were no protection for both doctors and the patient as well the common people. The government (CCP) doesn’t allow people to release such information. Hospitals were scared but them could not talk to CDC staffs wile were concerning about it. 

When Dr. Yan reported these things to Leo Poon once she got the result after investigation. Leo Poon asked her to keep silent and be careful not to spread any information. He warned Dr. Yan to ‘don’t touch the red line’ meaning to don’t go across the China government’s procedure order. If not them will get in trouble. Exactly what the CCP done for Dr. Li. All these messages was proved when Dr. Yan flew away from Hong Kong. Her family was threatened by the CCP and took her mother into prison after Dr. Yan published two academic reports about the CCP’s virus was made in military lab by the CCP. 

Dr. Yan risked her life and her parents life to release the truth of the virus to <LUDE Media>. On 19th Jan  2020, Lude had broadcast on YouTube disposed the virus in Wuhan would be worldwide outbreak in the future. At that time, there were only 46 patients were affected by the virus in Wuhan according to the government official data. Dr. Yan told the world how dangerous of the virus through Lude Media wile the CCP was to covering the origin of virus’s truth. We may ask why CCP stored such of big amount of medical protection system (medical mask, gloves) at the beginning of 2020 ? Did the CCP know it will be outbreak of the virus? 

At the last day of 2020 Mr. Bannon asked Dr. Yan on the WarRoom program:” What would be your warning to the west right now, about going forward with this virus as we see it? What would be your warning to the folks in the West?”

Dr. Yan answered :”I just want the west people to know that we Chinese people really understand Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We understand Communism very well, we know how terrible it is, how cruel it is. And don’t expect CCP will be your friend or overcome the virus with you. They are using COVID-19 virus and more other virus as bio weapons. And also without taking this regime down, you cannot solve this problem. Because there are always new pathogen. And if you let them win this time, they will use this way to rule you in the future.”

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