Hu Xijin, You Will Be Convicted in Wuhan

Author: Yizu
Translation: Cheli
Copyediting: Claire

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I’ve forgotten when I first heard of Hu Xijin, the Chinese journalist and the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Times, a state-owned tabloid under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper. However, nowadays, whenever someone says Hu Xijin, a dog catching frisbee will appear in my mind immediately. This is exactly what Hu is doing recently. Inside China, to please the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),he appears totally servile and does propaganda brainwashing to the people; Outside China, he behaves like a mad dog and verbally attacked the western world.

Not long ago, Hu once stated cynically that Australia is a paper tiger, an international police assistant and a gum stuck to the sole of China’s foot. However, right after Hu’s nonsense, most of the Chinese mainland’s electricity supply has been restricted because Australian coal imports was suspended by the CCP. Hu pleased his owner the CCP with his disgusting behaviours, but ignored that the Chinese people are suffering.

As part of the CCP’s Grand External Propaganda Campaign, Hu recently tweeted that Pompeo, the United Stated Secretary of State and Peter Navarro, the Assistant to the President are war criminals who initiated the new Cold War. Mr. Navarro then tweeted that Twitter is an accomplice of the CCP’s Grand External Propaganda Campaign (as shown below), which once again set off an uproar world widely. It is unknown why Hu is doing this. But I guess Hu either wants to keep a high profile because he is jealousy of Di Dongsheng, who was talking boastfully about China’s influence in America’s “core inner circle of power”, especially in relation to the incoming administration of president-elect Joe Biden in public and provided resources to help with the WhistleBlowers’ Movement; or Hu attempted to show he is innocent of the scandal of sexual harassing female subordinates and illegitimate children.

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In fact, this is not the first time Hu has verbally attacked the United States. Over the years, Hu’s Wolf Warrior speech, which is described as an aggressive style of diplomacy purported to be adopted by the CCP diplomats, has never stopped. For example, Hu said if the United States pushes too hard, the CCP must be well-prepared to fight and fight inshore; Hu also mentioned that if the United States is capable of everything, just establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan and break off diplomatic relations with Beijing. Will it dare? Moreover, Hu expressed that the CCP need a larger nuclear arsenal to curb the US strategic ambitions and sharp attitudes towards the CCP… Nuclear warheads are useful as the CCP use them every day to shape the American elite’s attitudes towards China… In fact, instead of spending too much time on discussing nonsense about whether or not to increase the number of nuclear warheads, people should start to manufacture nuclear weapon.

Thanks to Hu’s nonsense, the Americans have become more and more aware of the CCP’s feature which is strong in appearance but weak in reality. This is why the Trump administration has recently launched a full-scale counterattack against the CCP. The whole world has forced into an Unrestricted Warfare which was initiated by the CCP, but not the Cold War as Hu said.  There is no doubt that the Chinese people who are shivering in the biting wind are cold due to the lack of coal and electricity, and the Chinese private companies that have suffered losses are cold due to the power cuts and production postpone. Chinese people are the victims of Hu’s Wolf Warrior speech.

As the positive influence of Whistleblowers’ movement, the CCP will be taken down by the righteous forces of the United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Hu Xijin and people like him will eventually be convicted by history. As what Mr. Bannon said at the War Room: Pandemic program, and I quote “we are going to have trial one day when Lao Baixing, the Chinese people, the Chinese deplorables when they finally overthrow you guys (the CCP) with the assistance of your allies in the West and that is the deplorables. That is the purpose of the show when they finally overthrow the CCP. The trial is going to be in Wuhan. And we’re going to bring you and all your cohorts and we’re going to …the world is going to sit in judgement and the jury is going to be the citizens of China. And they’re going to sit in for humanity and judge you and I don’t think you’re going to dig the outcome because we’re going to get the receipts. We’re going to get the receipts in China. So you know, you talk a lot of smack about Peter Navarro, but the reality is, I think going to set in that you’re going to be on the losing side of this. History is on our side, history is on the side of the righteous.” We look forward to see the day coming soon!

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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