Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Jan 1, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• White House adviser Dr. Peter Navarro told the public that he had written two memos warning of the virus’s threat earlier this year, based on Dr. Yan’s findings and Lu De Media’s show on January 19, 2020.

o In the January 29 memo addressed to the National Security Council, Dr. Navarro urged the Trump administration to impose an immediate travel ban on China. At the time, Chinese authorities reportedly were struggling to contain an outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan.

o The second memo, dated February 23, warned that up to 2 million Americans could die, and trillions of dollars would be lost because of the virus.

o Mr. Bannon first learned about the CCP virus from Mr. Lu De at the Rule of Law Foundation’s annual meeting on January 23, 2020. And he went on to deliver the message to Navarro and President Trump’s close associates.

o Back then, some members of the Trump administration have accused Mr. Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement of lying about the virus, yet now what we say has been validated.

• China’s economy is now like Xi Jinping’s untreated brain aneurysm that will burst at any moment.

• Communist China reportedly equipped soldiers with remote-controlled self-destructive Warfighter Information Systems.

o Due to the poor technological capability of the CCP, they can only achieve self-destruction of the hardware. It’s like a time bomb strapped to a Chinese soldier. The CCP has never treated Chinese people like human beings, and we must bring it down in 2021.

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