Treasure your life, reject the free trap of “CCP virus vaccine”

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 神奇四侠
  • Material: 信心满满, peacelv
  • Translator: Ranting

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On December 31, 2020, the country was swept by a news article titled “Coronavirus Vaccine Available Free for All”. Countless people cheered and all praised the awesome country. But behind this story, we see a government that has acted recklessly and rashly, treating the people under its rule as if they were not human beings.

Yesterday, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference. Chen Shifei, deputy director of the State Drug Administration, said that on December 30, the State Drug Administration has conditionally approved the registration application of the new inactivated coronavirus vaccine produced by Sinopharm China Biotechnology Co.

Prior to this, none of the vaccines had an approved name available on the State Drug Administration’s website, but now the State Drug Administration has publicly acknowledged that a vaccine has been applied for registration. So were the vaccines it used to give to study abroad and expatriate staff qualified? The unapproved vaccine was given to their own people and used their own people as guinea pigs?

NetEase reported on Dec. 23 that a statement sent to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by China’s Fosun Pharmaceuticals on Dec. 20 said that German biotech BioNTech, in conjunction with U.S. Pfizer, will provide no less than 100 million anti-coronavirus vaccines to China. Fosun Pharma will make an upfront payment of €250 million for the first 50 million doses of vaccines.

Why import vaccines, as already stated in the article, none of the vaccines manufactured by the CCP have completed Phase III trials. The imported vaccine has been presented to the US FDA with the most complete information on safety, effectiveness, and side effect hazards, all of which are thoroughly described, and Pfizer has been approved for marketing in the US, UK, and EU, with an efficiency rate of 95%. Therefore, based on the current data, the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine is more “mature”.

Vaccine approval for marketing must at least complete phase III trials with detailed data as the scientific basis. Now a large number of vaccines have not completed phase III experiments or even do not apply for phase III experiments at all, and are directly administered to people, using the lives of the people to give you data? Who is responsible for the after-effects of vaccination? Is there a company responsible for it?

The CCP government claims that 4.5 million doses of the vaccine have been administered with no adverse reactions and no cases of serious infection have been reported. I would like to ask you readers, do you believe it? Even the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, which is considered safe by the Chinese Communist Party, has seen various sequelae after injection, but the vaccine made by the Chinese Communist Party has not even been tested in Phase III without a single case of adverse reaction?

The Western world already has a vaccine, and the CCP cannot do without it. In addition, it is a good opportunity for the powerful to enrich themselves. And the safety and health of the people is the last thing they consider.

Fellow fighters and compatriots, don’t get free vaccines from the Chinese Communist Party, don’t, definitely don’t!


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