Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Dec 31, 2020

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• The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long dominated Hollywood, Silicon Valley, media outlets, and Wall Street in the U.S. for years. Now, the Trump administration is in the heat of the battle against the CCP. With the various sanctions currently in place, they are intended to take back Wall Street first.

o Update: Global index publisher FTSE Russell said it may delete more Chinese companies from its global benchmarks, after the Trump administration on Monday strengthened an executive order barring U.S. investment in firms with alleged Chinese military backing.

o The U.S. Under Secretary of State, Keith Krach, tweeted: “President Trump’s EO prohibits ETFs, mutual funds & index funds, like MSCI, FTSE, Bloomberg & Black Rock, to invest in CCP military co’s & subs. Funds beginning to delist CCMCs. Much work ahead. Pension fund managers, we’ll keep updating this Fact Sheet.”

o China’s state-owned Tsinghua Unigroup Co. said it won’t be able to repay the principal on a 450 million dollar bond, which would trigger cross defaults on a further $2 billion of debt.

• Japanese media: Over 40% of Japan’s tech companies are shifting their supply chains out of China. And it shows roughly 5,000 CCP members at nearly 300 Japanese companies or affiliated organizations.

o Japan will move faster than the U.S. in destroying the Communist Party. And more and more countries will follow suit.

o President Xi made another public appearance at a New Year gathering held by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

o According to Mr. Lu De, some powerful American hopes to capture Xi alive. Since the CCP destroyed all evidence about the virus a while ago, the U.S. needs witnesses to let the world know their crimes.

o However, Xi is surrounded by people who want him to die as soon as possible.

• Rep. Lee Zeldin says it is no surprise that Beijing deceived the world and calls for consequences. The COVID cover-up in China is worse than thought, with the actual number of confirmed cases in Wuhan being ten times higher than their published figures.

• Steve Bannon’s War room is going to announce the man and Woman of the year 2020 today.

o Mr. Lu De and guests are confident that Dr. Yan Limeng would be the Woman of the Year.

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