Chinese Communist Party official media slap each other in the face: What is the crime of cold chain?

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The Xinhua News Agency reported on December 28 that over the past few days, there have been multiple sporadic cases in Beijing, and the situation of prevention and control of the epidemic is serious. From the published information on the flow of cases, three confirmed cases and one asymptomatic infection were associated with the cold chain.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the cold chain and cold storage related business entities are in the inspection, focusing on the purchase and sale of goods ledger, the demand for certificates, product inspection and testing certificates, and storage conditions, cold chain food vehicles, depot disinfection records and cold chain practitioners regular nucleic acid testing and other strict inspection.

Jiang Rongmeng, director of the Office of the National Center for Quality Control of Infectious Diseases and vice president of Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that recently there have been cases of transmission in many places in China, and the source of the infection is not completely clear, so there is a risk of “transmission of things-to-human”.

Wu Hao, an expert on the National Health Commission’s Disease Prevention and Control Expert Committee and the chief expert on community health in Beijing, said the degree of risk of “things-to-human transmission” is related to the concentration of the virus to which a person is exposed, the characteristics of his or her environment and whether personal protective measures are in place.

CCTV reported that between 0:00 and 24:00 on the 27th, there were five new confirmed cases in Dalian and three new local asymptomatic cases of infection. At present, Dalian City has reported a total of 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the current outbreak, and 27 cases of local asymptomatic infections under medical observation.

At present, all the ports in Dalian by the Dalian port terminals to lift the container out of port and from other cities ports of entry and transit Dalian imported cold chain food, must first in the designated cold storage for centralized disinfection, centralized testing, centralized supervision, “batch by batch testing, piece by piece disinfection” before leaving the warehouse. At the same time, Dalian also increased the frequency of nucleic acid testing of key personnel such as cold storage porters and emptying box workers.

Wang Shaocheng, director of Dalian Transport Bureau, said that the bulk cold chain cargo business at Dayaowan Terminal was suspended and all imported cold chain bulk cargo business in the city was concentrated at Liaoyu Terminal for loading and unloading operations. Optimize the operation process of imported refrigerated containers at Dayaowan Terminal, strengthen the cold box loading and unloading operations and the protection of transport personnel in the port, and test nucleic acid once every 3 days during the closure of personnel.

The above two central-level media reports make it very clear that the CCP virus infection is related to the cold chain, especially the imported cold chain, and that the risk of “transmission of things-to-human” is high, and that we must be very vigilant and take preventive measures.

However, ironically, not long ago Hubei issued an article to dispel the rumor that the net rumor “do not go to foreign supermarkets in the near future, do not touch freezers” news.

Said a “Tongji meeting notice today: do not go to Wal-Mart and any supermarkets with foreign background in the near future, do not touch supermarket freezers ……” screenshots of WeChat spread online, sparking concern among netizens.

After verification with a number of authorities from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Tongji Hospital, the results are as follows:

Not to mention whether there is any problem with the supermarket, at least it can be proved that neither Tongji Hospital nor Tongji Medical College has held this meeting…

The news was circulated in Shandong, Jilin, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan and many other places, were debunked by the relevant departments.

Hubei has just introduced the strictest measures for cold chain food. It is safe to make purchases from regular channels.

The Hubei release also reminds that the Internet is not a foreign land, so please get information about the outbreak from officially authorized news media. I don’t know if Xinhua News Agency and CCTV in Hubei release seems to count as an officially authorized media.

Regardless of the contradictions in the different propaganda calibers of the CCP, we have a question: why do they coincidentally point the finger at the cold chain, especially the imported cold chain? Why do goods that pass the test when exported from other countries test positive for the virus when they arrive on the mainland China?

There may be two main reasons: first, the CCP is trying to conceal the domestic epidemic, shirking its responsibility and dumping the blame on foreign imports; second, the CCP is reducing non-essential foreign exchange outflows due to insufficient foreign exchange reserves and using the quota for imports of other strategic materials such as food that are in urgent need.


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